The Saga Concludes...  

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11/9/2005 11:54 am

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The Saga Concludes...

For a change of pace, something not sex or relationship related…

Last week Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was released on DVD. For some, it’s just another movie that quickly made it to DVD. For me, it’s more than that. It’s the final piece of a puzzle ‒ the last chapter of a story. It’s closure.

Like many children who grew up in the 1970’s (who are now adults in their early 30’s), Star Wars was more than just a movie. It had a significant influence on their life and was something that forged a culture. It was a shared common experience. It was something that all the neighborhood kids and classmates could talk about without anyone feeling left out ‒ including the parents and teachers.

For me, Star Wars was my childhood. It was my bedtime story. My fantasy. My faerie tale. It had all the elements of a classic faerie tale ‒ knights, princesses, sorcerers, monsters, magic, sword fighting, and evil wizards. And, I didn’t need someone to read it to me. I could go back and visit it at any time. All I needed was a TV or an action figure.

When Return of the Jedi (Episode VI ) was released in 1983, I was 10 years old and still at a very influential age. I remember hearing about how there would be more movies made and how the story wasn’t finished. In effect, neither was my childhood.

That part of my childhood always remained open and unfulfilled. I always wanted to hear the rest of the story. I always wanted to hear more and know more. I felt… incomplete. I don’t think that it’s such an unusual thing. After all, this was my developmental story…

Like hundreds of others, I made it a point to see the movie on opening day. I waited in line for my tickets like many, many others in anticipation. But my anticipation may have been somewhat different. I wasn’t there to witness the next installment. I was there to witness finality.

I remember waiting in line at the local mall to see Return of the Jedi back in 1983. I remember having to get in line in the morning to buy tickets for the later show. As I looked around and saw some of the children on line with their parents, I could see myself in the eyes of those children. I could see the eagerness and excitement that overwhelmed me as a child.

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2½ hours of the film. When the credits started rolling, I decided to wait until they were done and the lights came on in the auditorium. When the lights came on, that signified the end. The end of the movie… the end of the Saga… the end of my childhood.

As the ushers came into the theatre with their brooms to sweep up the bits of popcorn and candy wrappers, I started to smile a bit. I saw it as something symbolic. They were cleaning up, but I like to think they were cleaning up more than just Raisinettes and popcorn, they were cleaning up those scraps that remained in my mind. At the end, everything was cleaned up nicely.

I bought the DVD and fittingly put it (and the rest of the movies) immediately on my bookcase with the rest of the collected volumes of lore.

Perhaps someday this will be a faerie tale that I can pass along to someone else. Hopefully he/she can find just a fraction of the joy, happiness, and excitement that I experienced during my childhood and be able to dream of things far, far away…

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11/9/2005 2:15 pm

as much as i know about star wars would fill a thimble... i do know that i saw star wars at the theater on nov 5th 1977...i was 17.. my first date with Bob....never remembered anything about the movie... was all atwitter wondering about the KISS that would come later...
a few years later i met Rob... and acquired two young step sons.. all i leaned then was how much all the star wars toys cost... i swear they got EVERYTHING...
maybe someday i will watch the first one and pay attention... i did like the sondtrack..
when you dust the shelf remember it is okay to hold a bit of your childhood... the good stuff... the wonder and amazement... we get stuck in the rat race and forget how to play... and we all need that.. i still want to be glinda, the good witch of the north, but a dark haired version... being a grown up 24/7 sux.. you should see my lego collection!! got tinker toys too!!

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