My WTF From Last Night  

JoLeeS 40F
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5/11/2006 2:19 pm

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5/11/2006 11:24 pm

My WTF From Last Night

Ok... Apparently I have a sign over my house that says..."Please, oh please...oh pretty pretty please fuck with me." Cuase people sure as hell like doing it... Tonight I am sitting here minding my own damn business when I hear some idiots trying to climb my fence.... I hear my dog tear around the corner and hear one of the guys scream... He yelled that fucking dog took a peice of my finger dawg! Then I hear my dog yelp. He hit him with something... Anyway I throw open my window and start screaming at the top of my lungs at these damn fools... i told em they had 10 seconds to run before I came out my front door and shoot em dead... Never seen two men ran faster...

Now... I don't have a gun...never will own one... My son's a nosey kid and I can just see him finding it and shooting himself..... So I pass... But.. What nerve these pricks have.... I might not have a gun... But I sure would beat em to death with my titleist....

I moved away from aprtments to avoid drama... And yet drama follows me everywhere I freakin go.... I think I may well be one of the most unlucky people on the planet... I swear if they did a study I would rank in the 1,000 people in America..... For once... I would like a normal, peaceful, drama free life... It's not much(at least I don't think so).... But that is what I want.... I am tired of getting stepped on, lied to, cheated on, talked about.... Whose dick do I have to suck to acheive this? Please tell me?!?!?!? lol

Anyway, that is my WTF for the night... Ya'll take care...

rm_hotmamaNcols 39F
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5/11/2006 2:39 pm

Yeah, those pricks deserved to be mauled... fences are erected for a reason, obviously to keep idiots out of our yards. Unfortunately, in this day and age, you may have to live out in the country and in solitude to avoid drama. I know about toxic people... believe me. I have learned to cut them off. And if I can't because they are family... I only see them around the holidays. I guess you just have to learn to not let them bring you down. It's hard, but it's better to cut people off than to lose your mind. Or go to jail.

Blue_eyes_smile 42F

5/11/2006 3:33 pm

yep, I know exactly what your talking about. My neighbor hood use to be like that! I got so use to people fist fighting in our apartment complex yard that I stopped calling the cops. I know what you must think! But, hey look at it this way cheap entertainment, grab a lawn chair, chips and a beer and you got yourself a free fight to watch lol..

We even had a police chase down our street one night, sort of funny though...they lost the guy and our street is a dead end

The drama does get old after a while and so does the same old fight and words said. I guess its no more drama than opening your door to find a huge pit bull standing at your door, or a skunk roaming around in the

JoLeeS 40F

5/11/2006 4:07 pm

Hot mama I feel the same way... My poor dog... Bless his heart he has been thru a lot... He has nerve damage in his hindlegs from when his mother mauled him as a new pup..... If anything though... it made him mroe aggressive towards people thru the fence... Which is a good and bad thing..... I hope they don;t come back....

JoLeeS 40F

5/11/2006 4:10 pm

Blue... Yeah.. At our aprtments there was always drama... After awhile ya did just that... Pull out a chair... Sit back and watch... We had swat team out so many times... it was ridiculous.... Naked people running here and there...balconies crashing down... Fights with chairs...people getting thrown off name least

JoLeeS 40F

5/11/2006 11:24 pm

I know Mz... I love this house... I just hate the troublemakers.....

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