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2/25/2005 7:10 pm

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Dallas AFF Married Guy

I have edited my own blog. THAT in itself is pathetic. By the way...I am an attorney, in case you did not read my profile. I know that offends some; in fact, it offends me some days. But, that is the profession I chose, and spent considerable time (and money) getting. No-I went to law school later in life. I have worked since I was 12, so, no, I was not born with a "siler spoon".
It it hard enough to actually meet women or couples on this "thang", but it is another to find time to do so. I am so busy right now....work, real-life problems and concerns (I am finalizing my parents estate; as an only kid, you can imagine!) keep me from having the fun that I want to, and what I joined AdultFriendFinder for. I wish life were not so complicated, and we could just have fun. Sometimes, life does not work out that way.
I am taking some time off in a couple of weeks to have some fun and meet some folks from here, if that opportunity arises. I certainly welcome all inquiries, as I am sure all married male cheaters on here do I have purchased the upgrade, so standard members can write to me for "free".
We are all about fun on here. At least I am, with no strings. That is a popular phrase, but it is true. I want to have as much fun as I can, while I can. You?
Surprisingly, I have had some offers to meet, but I find that most that respond to me don't REALLY want to. Don't know why that is. I guess just playing around on here; or being cautious, but I can understand that in our day and age, especially for the ladies.
However, if you want to get "banged" by a competent, sane, safe guy, I am your man. Dallas gals or couples-are ya out there?
That's all for now. Perhaps I will add something tomorrow.
By the way-I do enjoy being invited to "friends" lists of pretty girls and fun couples. I do want to meet though..

JimInDallas2004 56M

5/14/2005 10:45 am

An update.
I have had a lot of couples e-mail me, and have had fun with a few of you. This site has been FANTASTIC for the kind of fun I seek. We are all looking for the same thing, I suppose. There are so many beautiful women on here. I have enjoyed the company of several couples (and single women), but I am just curious; why do husbands share these gorgeous women with other guys? I am not kidding-these girls are stunning, and I appreciate the fact that their husbands want me to fuck their wives, but, wow....mind boggling.
I am thankful for the opportunity, and looking forward to much more. I am respectful, straight, and a good friend to know.

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