Stranger in the Bed??????  

Jgirl35 46F
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10/29/2005 8:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Stranger in the Bed??????

There's a stranger in the bed........
**********Seduce me*********
We've never met before, but we can feel a connection. Physically attracted to one another and getting curious on just what pleases the other. The excitment of a seductive stranger and the erotic gazes from across a room.

Slowly, we make our way to one another. He takes my hand in his. I feel the comfort in his grip and it's reassuring somehow. Small talk at first..POLITE talk. A song comes on that makes you think of wanting to be with someone that night. He dances and grinds on me. He is dressed to the "T" and smells so wonderful. I am turned on just being in his presence. Always treating me like the lady I am. The song is over and we make our way to the couch.

The room starts feeling too crowded for me. I want some alone time with him. He must feel it too. Being the polite gentlemen he is, he whispers in my ear: "Do you want to go somewhere quiet?" I'm hesitant at first...this is new to me. He reassures me that nothing will happen that we both do not want to happen. I have a feeling that he is genuine in his comment, so we leave. We decide that a hotel room is best at this point. He takes to me the finest place.

As we enter the room he is undressing me and caressing my body with his every move. In return, I unzip his pants and feel his strong, hard dick in my soft hands. I caress his dick and he is thoroughly enjoying this. We move to the bed. He is completely undressed. I only have my lace panties on.
As he sits down on the edge of the bed....I begin to lick and suck his dick. I massage his thighs inside and out. He is gently grabbing and pulling my hair. In and out, in and out....up and down around and around I suck his dick more and more. Sucking, licking, stroking his manhood gets me sooooo wet. I love to hear his breathing, his moans. It's turning me on.....

He wants to give me pleasure. He says, "Baby, let me lick your pussy. I want you to CUM in my mouth". I take his spot on the bed, with my pussy just on the edge. Slowly, he removes my lace panties. As they fall around my ankles, he caresses my ankles and rubs them. How does he know this turns me on?? He massages my breasts, licks and tugs on my nipples. His kisses move down my stomach and end up at my pussy. A little lick here and there. Flicking my clit and he flattens his tongue to rub my clit completely. Over and over again his tongue rubs my clit the right way. He pushes his tongue inside of me. I am so hot and wet for him now. All the while he is caressing my ankles.

I tell him to sit on the bed as I move him into position...I sit on top of him. I put his dick inside of me. The sitting position we are in feels so wonderful. In and out over and over I pound his dick deeper inside of me. He is pulling my hair and rubbing my back. He takes my shoulders and pushes me down on his dick even more. I feel a little pain, but at the same time I feel how superior his dick feels on my G-spot. He is starting to CUM, pumping even harder. I feel his warm breath in my ear as he kisses it. Deep hard passion, warm embraces.......I'm getting off on this now. I love it as he pushes me harder onto his dick. Oh, how my pussy is wet for him.

We move into missionary style, I put pillows under my ass. He penetrates my pussy so deeply. He moves his hands under my ass and grabs me hard. All the while pushing into me further. I take my legs and wrap them around his neck and shoulders. Yes, that's we're getting somewhere. He is CUMMING deep inside of me again. It feels so good! It makes me eurphoric, I feel dizzy.

We are breathing so hard now. I am CUUUUMMMMMINGGGG. Oh yes, SH*T, fuck me harder now. I want to fuck harder and I start CUMMING all over his dick. FUCK ME BABY, TAKE ME NOW.

rm_meyoux2 52M

10/29/2005 5:03 pm

, oh Jgirl...we are sooooooooooo much on the same wave length, it's almost scary. I have a slight foot fetish to begin with, and that blog is so much on the money.

I love stroking a womans thighs, legs, and feet when giving her oral satisfaction. And I love to taunt a womans breasts. The slight pulling hair part and defenatly the pulling down on the shoulders for more intense penetration...are you sure we have'nt slept together yet!?!?!?

I will say, you have a sexual imagination for sex stories...and I love the way you think. You got my # girl, more ways than one !
Drinks and dinner are what I'm thinking. How about you?????


Jgirl35 46F
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10/30/2005 2:37 pm

Hey there....thanks for the post! No-I'm positive we haven't slept together. Good to know there's someone out there on my wave length!!

I like the part about the fetish, hmmm...pretty interesting!

Take care baby-until the next msg. or post.

rm_dusty14usoon 54M
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11/7/2005 2:06 am

Such a way with words! This would be a dream come true and of course the desire of every man. Being a leg man....I would pay special attention to the ankles....hell the whole leg and every inch of your body! This has to be the best blog on this site. I can't wait to see what happens from here. {=}

rm_alwyshorny1 48M

11/10/2005 10:18 am

Damn you make me hard just reading the blogs. I enjoy a woman who wraps her legs around my neck so I can hit her g-spot. More and more, harder and harder, all the while I massage your ankles and breasts.
Cant wait

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