Silence is NOT golden dammit!  

Jezebels_GString 51F
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5/28/2005 12:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Silence is NOT golden dammit!

No lover has EVER had to wonder if he is touching me right..if he's found my 'zone' I'll purr...if he brushes over a magic spot I'll gasp...if I'm floating in ecstacy I'll sighmoan and if I'm being driven into mind numbing pleasure he'll have me whimpering..if he's driving me to the edge I'll be begging to be pushed over it and absofuckinglutely he knows when I crash over it cuz I screamgaspwhimpercrylaughscreaaaaaam.

No lover ever had to wonder if I was enjoying what *I* was DOING either...if I was in lust with his body while my hands moved over him I told him in throaty whispers...if I didn't want him to stop kissing me because it was sooo good, I whimpered and gasped...if I was hungry for him and needing to taste him, I begged...the moaning cries begging him not to stop told him just how good he felt to me. No lover was left wondering, guessing or having to ask.

But IIIII have been!!!! And I don't like it!

I genuinely do not understand how anyone can orgasm with barely an exhalation of held breath. If his mouth isn't busy...what is he DOING up there, down there, back there, under there?!?!? I had one lover that was sooo quiet in bed, I thought I'd killed him..then I thought he'd passed out cuz I KNOW he did NOT fall asleep...but when I turned to talk to him he was bright eyed, bushy tailed and smiling. Did he think he was a mime for fucks sakes?!?! 15 seconds still quiet...30 and still smiling..the blinking the only thing moving...45 and I'm creeped out, off the bed, dressed and helping him find his clothes. I love body braille with a passion but the deafening silence was just creeeeepy!! The contrast between the flirty, laughing, chatty dancing guy from earlier and this paralyzed grinning alien STARING in some weird silent zone of his own was...freakishly odd. Granted that's the extreme..but I've had lovers who never said a who had to have it silent in order to 'focus' who I threatened to make finish himself if he didn't quit holding his breath and his words who actually had the cajones to shush ME!!

I know I'm not alone..I have friends! I asked!! I have neighbors LMAO I've heard!! But there seem to be an inordinate amount of men who need to hear it!! I WANT to hear you..I NEED to hear you! It's my guide for what feels good..what doesn' go know that you're as into me as I am into you! Do you have ANY idea how much more intense your orgasm would be if you would just let loose!?! It actually makes turns me on even MORE to hear you!

And while I'm at it..*cocking an eyebrow*...SOME women are talkers! SOME women like to be talked TO! TELL me what you're thinking..TELL me how good it feels...TELL me what you want me to do! Christ..if nothing else at least say my name!! If I tell you to fuck me like you mean it, that's your cue to say Yes Ma'am or Ask me again or is that right?! or that's what I was waiting for or YOU come up with some! Not gonna hand you a script...but I will hand ya earplugs LMAO

Silence was golden when you were bugging your parental units...silence is goodbye these days.

Barbiebunny69 43F

5/28/2005 1:18 pm

rofl--yes maaam..thank you.

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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5/28/2005 1:28 pm

Who can talk in bed? If the sex is good, it's just a bunch of sounds that keep getting louder and louder AHHHH OOOOOHHHHH EEEEEHHHH along with all the other vowells and a few consonants

rm_BigDnLady 43M/40F
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5/28/2005 1:57 pm

I have to agree with you, I like to know that you are enjoying yourself!! Hell, tell me if you want me to do it again, so I know to wait one moment longer before I do it!! I want to tease and please, but hell, if you aren't speaking, I don't know what the hell you want!! But Jez, I use to try to make a guy talk!! It kinda made me work harder, now I don't have to ask any questions!! So for those silent fucks of ol' thanks you made me better at what I absolutely love to do!!

Drive them crazy Jez, just drive them crazy!! Or hell, just stop in the middle, I bet he will talk then!!!


firecrotch32 45F  
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5/28/2005 8:26 pm

I TOTALLY agree with you! I HATE it when guys don't make any noise...I am VERY vocal. I have also been shushed once and it made me laugh cause he looked to ernest adn==nd scared like he thought we were gonna in trouble or I had one guy who I had no idea he came until he stopped pumping, pulled out and said he needed a new condom. The silent guys are "ninja fuckers"....why are they called that you ask? Because you never hear them coming....get it?...smirk

XTommyTheKatX 41M

5/29/2005 10:36 am

Hmmm... What about WHISTLING? Or humming a dice little ditty? Or if my hands and mouth are free I could play you a little tune on my Jew's Harp.

Just trying to think of some creative ways to make MORE NOISE. Cuz you can never have too much noise in bed. That's MY THEORY anyway.

XTommyTheKatX 41M

5/29/2005 10:37 am

Ooops... should be "NICE little ditty" (not "dice")... sorry, hate typos and couldn't let that one go.

Sinderlicious 51F
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5/29/2005 1:26 pm


Yes....Yes and Yes again. I agree 500%!!!! If you just get off and don't make a peep....I am gonna have to look at you...point and laugh hysterically!!!

You got that cumin, if I don't hear you cummin!!!

Got that Right? Good~~~

Sin like you mean it!

TouchMeThere66 51F

5/29/2005 1:35 pm

OOOOOOO! ooooooo! OOOOOOOOOOOO! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh** and OOOOOOOOOOOO!

Yes....Yes and Yes again. I agree 500%!!!! If you just get off and don't make a peep....I am gonna have to look at you...point and laugh hysterically!!!

You got that cumin, if I don't hear you cummin!!!

Got that? Good!!


Barbiebunny69 43F

5/30/2005 5:31 pm

OOOOOOO! ooooooo! OOOOOOOOOOOO! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh** and OOOOOOOOOOOO!

Yes....Yes and Yes again. I agree 500%!!!! If you just get off and don't make a peep....I am gonna have to look at you...point and laugh hysterically!!!

You got that cumin, if I don't hear you cummin!!!

Got that? Good!!

couldnt resist

redmustang91 57M  
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5/31/2005 3:09 pm

I agree but making sense while making love can get difficult. Not the most articulate then. I concentrate on "don't stop" that feels great, yes, more or f*ck me, etc. As for being quiet when coming, that is hard to do. But sometimes when you get used to hiding your masturbating from family when growing up you get in the silent habit. Tell the guy it gives you pleasure to hear him enjoying himself and you will get more audio feedback!

Gunslinger1954 62M

6/3/2005 6:26 am

God, I love this blog and topic. "Body braille", oh, Jezebel, you got me with that one - I love it. And "fuck me like you mean it" - oh, shit, be careful what you wish for if I ever hear that one. There are so many parts that come together to make great sex. Without the sounds how can there be passion? Without the passion where is great sex? (somewhere else)

There's nothing like HEARING the buildup and orgasm that you drive a woman into. It drives me to satisfy and totally adds to my pleasure to know the results of what I'm doing. Communication is a shortcut to perfection. Otherwise it's just groping in the dark and hoping for the best. That's for teenagers. Were adults and professionals, Right? Let's act like it and COMMUNICATE!

Sexyfit had a good one on this subject on April 8 titled "Where's the soap, that's one dirty mouth"

Twist and shout just 'aint the same without the shouting. The louder you shout, the harder you twist, right?

Dang, Jezebel - you are right down the street from me. I'm gonna go outside and holler. If you hear me, let out a scream. It will make my day.

LimesMastsAvoid 70M
456 posts
6/6/2005 7:49 am

I usually write my thoughts and feelings down on paper while consumed with passion and leave it near the fireplace when we are finished...

d12lub 54M

6/14/2005 11:10 am

In all that accidently pressed the "mute" button...honey!!! Next time...pinch his ass...hard!!! Make him buck like mule...<smile>. No...but, really...I think sounds should come naturally...and if a person doesn't likes to buck with the "mute" button depressed...then, that is the "total package"..."big picture" that he has to offer. It's a shame...has such a big dick...but, no surround sound or THX. Try to watch a movie without sucks.

SeekingFun337 63M/60F
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6/21/2005 11:54 am

I once read of a custom, in a differenct culture, where the male and female who were engaged to be married, had to enter a room from opposing doors, disrobe, and remain facing each other, sitting or standing, but were not to move from the wall they were against. They were to sexually communicate to their promised mate, through touching, expression, allure, without speaking until they brought their partner to climax. The object was to show they were sexually stimulated, and sensuous enough to bring their partner satisfaction even without actually touching, or speaking to their partner. The images this construes, if successful, can be interesting, as one imagines both, while passionately drawn to one another, finally being able to demonstrate it, under constrained conditions. They were not to have been involved before this occassion.

Each of us has a different history, and as such, need some of the senses more than others. The three primary, touch, hearing, and visual, vary depending on the history. I vote for all three, and would would add in smell, and taste, as the cherry on top.

I agree that vocalizing your wants, and desires, from both, can enrich the experience. But, I don't want to discount the look in the eyes that say I need you, I yearn for your, I crave you, and this experience, as well as feeling the touch of your partner's caress, the intensity of a clench against your skin in the throws of passion, are communications of importance as well.

Failing to communicate in either of these ways, would leave your partner open to think anything they desired, which is probably contrary to what you want, and, if you are male, you may find your two friends, being crushed instead of caressed... OOOOOO... deservedly so.

I say find a place where your partner can scream, and you can shout or say those romantic, dirty little, or dirty big things. I happen to know it's also not bad when your partner wants to scream during orgasm and suppresses it because of the location. We both had a good laugh afterwards.

It's about enjoyment, and if you don't let your partner know, he or she, can't read your mind, that is, unless you're out with a legitimate mind reader...

Vanner55 61M

7/9/2005 8:41 am

DON'T.... STOP... PLEASE... stop don't please
please don't stop pleasedon'tstop pleasedon'tstoppleasedon'tstop..
...........................Had enough?

keithcancook 60M
17718 posts
7/18/2005 7:03 am

Hey! Where ya been?

geenut 41M
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7/20/2005 10:51 pm

u was right from the get go, cuz the only silence dats GOLDEN is U.. no one has to know wat Uno, and no one else would care about Ur self but u any for me, idont keep SECRETS from anyone, iJust dont say any thing at all... plus the only best way U can do dirt or any thing U desire to do, is NO STRING ATTACHED AND DO IT BY UR SELF TO SOME ONE WHO FEELSSS THE SAME WAY, WIT NO HARD FEELINGS BUT FUN & PLEASURE.............GEENUT FROM SAN FRANCISCO...HOPE TO HEAR FROM U, BEAUTIFUL SEXY WOMEN...ID LOVE TO BE WIT A WOMEN LIKE U"SEXUALY".

Barbiebunny69 43F

7/22/2005 10:37 am

Jezzie comes out on special occasons. *smirk*

socalstud3407 36M

7/28/2005 8:46 am

That is all everything turns into is just fucking!

rm_DDMM1 47M

9/2/2005 3:55 pm

I love body brail, but I like to make music while I'm doing it - OOOHHH Yes! Yes! Yes! aaahhhhh Oh God! Harder! Fuck Me! Fuck Me Now! MMMMMMM Dont stop! come on - suck it! suck in hard! OOOHHH Yeah!!! That's it - Keep going AAAAHHHHHH Yes! etc.... etc.... etc.... All through the night.

jackdawson1952 65M

9/26/2005 12:19 pm

thank you, thank you, thank you....I want/need/enjoy/desire/yearn for a woman who lets herself go with any kind of response she feels like making to match her erotic is THE biggest turn-on...if only more women (even some women) would not be shy/proper/restrained/appropriate/reserved or whatever; there would be way more successful relationships not to mention better ORGASMS

micxoxbig 59M

10/1/2005 9:55 pm

I hear you...think for a moment of SECRET thought you would whisper to me before you pushed my head down to make you cum. thank you... I just sent a cum shot ur way.

GalasForayWiser 42M
30 posts
10/5/2005 6:54 pm

i love for the women to at least act like they are enjoyoing themselves ill tell them quick that if i wanted to fuck a log i would go to the woods i like to her to act and feel that im doing whats right that she aint a dead horse that u cant ride hell if she dont show some appreiciation whats the use hell the more noise the better

diggerdown2 56M
34 posts
10/20/2005 5:57 pm

I hear ya (pun intended). The same is true for women. They need to speak up, shout up, moan up, "yes" (and "no") up, and generally just noise up. For me, the sounds are half of what makes it all exciting, arousing, invigorating. Don't believe me. The next time you watch a porn video, turn off the sound and watch it silently. Yuck.

Then try this experiment. Find one with a really good, realistic-sounding soundtrack where the participants really sound into IT, and play it loud, but turn around and don't look at the screen.

All those in favor of the all-sound version being more titillating than the all-picture version, raise your....uh.... raise something. DD2

ComfortablyMe32 46M

11/2/2005 11:36 pm

I make so much noise the neighbors have heard me before

rm_ligerdude 70M
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11/7/2005 10:45 am


His will is strong. He fights and wins
The favor of the perfect twins
Their color white with pinkish hue
With perfect shape their time is due

Most of their life they’re kept inside
Of lacy cups in which to hide
Out of their bonds the twins are freed
For pleasure now Eros to heed

He is a touchy, feely one
A libertine that makes his fun
Searching fingers and roaming hand
He’s known for fun throughout the land

The twins his goal and that’s for sure
They crave his touch they are not pure
Topped by two huge buds so pink
Erect they stand, he does now think

With his touch they do explode
Their bonds they break without a load
They quiver to enjoy his touch
His joy they share so very much

The Bandit

needalotoflics 42M
112 posts
11/29/2005 2:53 pm

EXACTLY some of the best SEX I have DOESNT involve any words Just MOANING GROANING SLAPS LICS SUCKS and FUCKS

happyfrenchman 72M

1/8/2006 8:02 pm

I had no idea - never to old to learn. Thanks

CaliGuy6911 41M

2/4/2006 9:54 am

Hithere. This is a terriblly undersexed, hot 30 year old with a very thick 9 incher! I need for some mature woman to cum along and just fuck my brains out! if that's you, shoot me an e-mail an d I'll shoot something back at you!

xlarge1982 34M
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2/17/2006 11:27 am

you sound like a fun woman, and just my type i would love to meet with you and chat,lick,anything else you want,so shoot me an email AdultFriendFinder i will give you a picture if you email,you wont be dissappointed, oh im in danville.look forward to hearing from u

rm_elnene248 41M
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3/26/2006 11:57 pm


rm_elnene248 41M
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3/26/2006 11:58 pm


rm_seanymph3 64F
377 posts
9/19/2006 9:56 pm

Oh I love this subject.......Ive made so much noise my kids have yelled up the stairs , hey mom keep it down up there we cant hear tv! hehehehe

rm_mislowhands 57M

10/25/2006 6:11 am

I have read most all your posts/blogs and say yea tell it like it is.
If you don't open your mouth you cant eat! HA! in more ways than one
cant deal with the quiet types . make some noise for the women don't fight it I am trying to give you the comfort to finally say yea!Do me like you do. I as a man am very visual and verbal in sex my fetish is the female orgasm the more intense the build up. " I love long slow teasingly pleasing play" and the more you allow yourself to just let it go .
Then that really sends me And if you are multi orgasmic which I believe all are then the more I want to give you . any way you/I /we want it. love taking charge but can surrender it to you. And if you really get into it I can usually cum several times know problem .long hours of lo-vin

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