The Student  

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1/23/2006 12:15 pm

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The Student

Soft brown eyes lower before me as red lips part in a deep breath followed by a short bite as nerves build up and butterflies flit inside her stomach. I smile inwardly at the innocent girl before me. I must not show my heart to her now, she is the student... and I, the teacher.

How does one hide that which flows out of every pour in ones body? I am so transparent to her, I don’t even cast a shadow when the suns rays pierce through my window on their journey to the floor. I blink slowly then approach her, doing my best to hide what is inside me.

My hand extends downward to her cheek as my lips part in a smile without thought, I feel her cheek press lightly back against my hand, for comfort... for both of us. She shines as she kneels, light seeming to spring from her body giving it a soft glow. I stand in awe of such beauty which springs from the well of her soul.

My voice almost trembles as I speak to her, again trying to hide my love from her. I think “stern, I must be stern and strong”, almost cursing inside as my heart betrays me. Every part of me becomes a traitor, giving me away to her. I begin to wonder who is more nervous, myself.. or my sweet love.

The Master becomes the slave, in bondage to her love.. the slave becomes the Mistress, holding his heart and soul in her hands. Through out time they will dance together, neither being their own.

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