Superbowl week... geeez  

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2/3/2006 7:15 am

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Superbowl week... geeez

One of the greatest pleasures in life is watching other people do crazy and stupid things. Enter... the Superbowl. Since I live fairly close to da 'Burgh, I have a front row seat to all the weirdness that has been caused by the relationship between a city and its football team.

So far my favorite thing has been what people have been doing with their pets. In the paper the other day, there were two french poodles painted with black and gold complete with jersey numbers. I'm sure some animal rights freak with sue the owner of the pets. God forbid anyone has a moment of joy.

Other than the afore mentioned, the past couple of days have been outright boring. Winter has still not shown up in southwestern Pennsylvania - little snow or cold since before Christmas. Today is another rainy over 30 degree day, just enough to pull your soul out through your nose since it is so "blah" and bland.

I haven't been in the writing either. Not strange since I usually write in spurts anyway. My longest stretch without turning a phrase is four months. When it is there, I write... when it isn't.. I don't.

My "short story", forty pages worth of my darker side, lays around waiting to be picked up again. I'm not even sure if it will ever be finished, or even worked on again for that matter. Exploring my dark side is very draining for me. Of course being a switch (let the reader understand) doesn't help much either.

I think this is enough for today, maybe I'll shave my head today and do some thing stupid - like paint it black and gold.


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