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1/19/2006 8:23 am

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Grant me wings so i can fly up to the heavens... to up the peaks of mountains never trodden under foot by man..
and gather you a bouquet of flowers never seen before..
Gliding back down to you riding the unseen winds.. circling downward as the sun sets on the horizon..
Landing on your arm very gently.. not breaking the soft flesh of your forearm.. the flowers safely and securely held in my beek
You loving take my gift from my beek.. my wing spread outward to their full span as you rise your arm up to send me off again
i catch the wind once more.. it fills my wings as they pull down as i raise up into the sky..
i circle above you.. my eyes scanning the ground... they spot a sparkle in the shallow stream.. i glide towards it
my wings sweep back.. my talons extend outward as i dive downward.. the wind rushing past me feathers.. making them quiver as i gain speed
i hit the water.. my talons grip the diamond ring tightly.. my wing pump hard as i climb back up into the sky
i soar... riding the winds which carry me back to you.. following the currents.. my wings fully spread..
i circle over you and call to you.. telling you of my love that will never end..
i descend downward slowly.. calling louder to you..
i see you smile.. i quicken my pace downward..
i spread my feathers to slow down.. my body leaning back right before i land at your feet
i drop the ring as i open my talons.. and call up to you..then back way with my head bowed down
i watch you bend down slowly.. your fingers take the ring within their grasp..
you smile.. a tear falls softly down your cheek and you straighten... you raise your arm for me.. the ring on your finger
i take flight.. and call to you once more.. my wings spread fully as they beat to slow me.. my talons open.. my feathers spread
wide as i perch softly on your arm
the sun sets behind the hills.. its light softly kisses the leafs of the trees... the crickets chirp quietly.. as you carry me on your arm.. walking back home
you enter the cottage.. the fire burning softly in the fireplace.. the candles giving their light
you walk to my perch beside your bed.. smiling at me as i move to my place to watch over you as you sleep
i open my wings and lightly flap them as you crawl into bed.. i watch over you as you sleep

eroticalover1 42F

1/19/2006 9:52 am


That was absolutely beautiful! *blows a kiss* Cyn@};-
(I wrote this awhile ago)


Through these eyes I can clearly see, the invisible self and the real me.
My keen eyesight surprises me, but let’s me live and provides for me.
The softness yet, graceful glide and breath I take with every stride and swoop down low, but not to hide for I am a hawk, I am Alive!
The freedom I have hinders me, for there are people who are fearful of me and so they shoot and kill my brother, next it will be another; someone different who doesn’t see; another shot and they’ve killed me!


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