~~The Curse of the Singles Table~~  

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6/3/2005 3:44 am

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~~The Curse of the Singles Table~~

I've SEX on the brain rather too much than usual of late...mhhm hmmm though the opportunities and diversities of choices lay before me like a smorasboard of delight, I find that although my desires seem heightened, my desires to "do the deed" lean somewhat to a weariness of "opening" myself to someone new...LOL!

After recently reading a true story about a successful single woman who was celebate for 1001 days, one nightly at dinner last week I asked my closest friends how long they'd gone without SEX!!! Personally, I've gone just over 400 days without sex (that was a few years ago) and its been about 60 odd days thus far

My male friends answers were varied, one of the guys had been celebate for 1068 days, (Yes, 1068 ), and I believe him...lol, not coz hes a dawg or anything like that. Actually he's an awesome catch and was "caught" about 10 months ago by an equally awesome lady. Other male friends told of between 3 months to a year. Another friend confessed to about a month of "celebacy" (if you can even call it that), i believe him coz hes purely "sex on wheels". My female friends were more relunctant to fess up and so the survey ended there... I know that my homegurl has been celebate for ten months and recently invested in a new vibrator...hehehehe, i asked her to send me the product catalogue, I think its time I invested in one two...

Whether its purely intentional, akin to a deep inner and outer cleansing; I'm not crawling the walls in unreleased sexual tension. I dont want to sex just for the kick of it, or because its what the other person expects or because everybody else is doing it and so should I. I want to learn to appreciate sex again, to savor the passion, the desires, the raw animalistic need that surges through my veins for a special someone. So for now, Im happy discovering the new improved ME!

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