When is unusual dress abnormal?  

Jayne_Bristol 61F
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8/29/2006 2:27 pm
When is unusual dress abnormal?

After a few months on here and an awful amount of life out there I am wondering what really is normal? what is kinky? Is kinky wrong?

A woman tells her man that dressing in women's clothing is weird and disgusting. She is by chance wearing men's jeans and trainers. Is she a hypocrit or just conforming to normal behaviour while he is not.

I am surprised how many men tell me they cannot get their partners to wear stockings. It sounds a silly thing to fall out over. I can remember when there was no alternative. I can also remember when those skirts that are now sexy because they are so short were just normal. I wear stockings sometimes because I have to wear something and tights / pantihose are just too damned hot. Does this make me sexy? No, merely exercising my choice.

I wonder why men and women have so many hang ups and interpretations of dress. A friend wants me to come with him to nightclub and he likes me wearing a pvc miniskirt, short black and shiny. Should I wear it?
Why is leather seen as sexy when oddly enough I was looking today at a history book and there were German soldiers in WW2 wearing leather trousers. Were they kinky? No, very dead young men who had been very proud of their uniforms that made them different - it also got rid of a surplus stock no doubt.

I have concluded that I wear what I like and what makes me feel good. Does this mean I am asking for sex? No, there are other ways of doing that. Does it mean I am easy? No. Does it mean I surrender my right to say no? Most certainly ot and cross that one at your peril. Does this mean I am immoral? Well no less than most and in many ways far more moral than most. Some years ago a British princess was spotted wearing a very smart leather skirt. What was wrong with that? The press did not think it right as they puffed at their joints in a squalid bar bfore returning via their mistresses to a wife at home. What makes them the arbiters of morality.

Why is cross dressing frowned on? King James VI of Scotland, alias 1 of England, decreed it because it was a fashion at court that he disliked. Four hundred years later we still consider his rulings the norm. Will his fellow Scot Blair hand us down something simialr? As a full blooded woman, mother and many other things I must say a man in a dress can be quite becoming, just so long as he shaves his beard and it suits him. The thought of Hermann Goering in an evening gown would even put me off!

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