Last Night was a good night (part 3)  

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4/6/2005 6:56 am

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Last Night was a good night (part 3)

I moved a little hesitantly at first, then as her arm wrapped about mny neck I moved closer, our lips touched, my eyes closed, our lips opened and passion passed between us, our tongues danced into each others mouths as we started to get carried away....

My hand moved to her thigh and slowly starting stroking the stockinged smoothness there, up and down, from knee to the hem of her dress and back again, each time pushing the hem a millimeter higher, letting my hand climb a millimeter higher... She sighed, no moaned and pulled my mouth harder against her, my hand adventured further up the thigh, reaching the warm pink skin above her stocking tops, but not stopping there, moving higher, my thumb softly caressing over the silky material covering her pubic mound, feeling the bushy hairs pushing at the material, sliding down, her legs parting wide, my hand slipping in to the gap left behind and over to her other thigh where I could softly squeeze her flesh...

I shuddered as her hand started to explore my front, brushing over my breast, and softly squeezing it through the material of dress, and bra... I pulled my mouth away from hers briefly, looked at her as her eyes opened, and smiled... "Should I slip ot of this dress Karen, would you like that?" I asked. She only nodded, so I did, standing before her I hooked my arms out of the straps, and slid them down inside my dress, lifting the dress up, exposing my thighs, stockings, knickers and bra, slowly, and in that order... I draped my dress over the arm of the couch, turned to her and slowly rubbed my hands all over my own body, squeezing one of my nipples through the lace of my bra, then slowly slipping my hand inside my knickers, before sliding it back out again and sitting down beside her... "Your turn" I said...

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