Last Night was a good night (Part 2)  

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4/5/2005 12:41 pm

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Last Night was a good night (Part 2)

OK where was I?

Oh yes, been invited in... As I mentioned previously I was very concerned about what sort of reception I would get, but althougha little strained at first it was friendly, and before long we were chatting like old times.

It was unusual for us to meet up in the evening, her husband was still working and we are both retired so day time get togethers were the norm. The evening rendevous was explained away by the fact that my friends husband was away on business for a couple of days, and she didn't really want to be alone at night for the whole time..

I mentioned, I'm sure that I was dressed up in my glad rags, I was concerned that I was overdressed, but I wasn't, she was equally dolled up and the evening settles in for a great chat, gossip and drink...

In deed the previous meeting, and our prolonged lack of day time meets was soon forgotten, and the time flew by as we happily chatted away. Before long it was time for me to phone for my taxi so I asked Karen (my friend) if she could pass me the phone so I could call a cab, she smiled and said sure, but then said, wait, why don't you stay the night. George is away, and I really don't like being in the house alone, I must admit to not being to sure about this, but after a little persuassion I agreed, and we settled back for some more wine and more chat...

I can't remember whenn it was, or what we were talking about at the time but from nowhere she looked at me and said, "Remember that kiss you gave me last time we met?"

I was taken aback, it had gone from my memory, I thought she'd forgotten it too, I must have looked terrified or something because she suddenly grabbed my hand and said "Don't worry Jayne, it's alright"...

I smiled, weakly, and told her I remembered it, and that I was sorry, she shrugged and said "Will you do it again, now." and with that she pulled me a little closer...

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