Of Whores and Sluts  

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11/17/2005 8:19 pm

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Of Whores and Sluts

Both words have near same meaning, which ever dictionary you consult, but both have connotations that are poles apart.

A whore is not much more than an organic inflatable doll. A sex machine that the most desperate and needy go to. A whore can just be a whore. But a slut, man, she can be anything she wants to be. There are innumerable sluts that have a high standing in history. Cleopetra was one. And there is an intriguing quality to a slut that has a magnet like effect on men. Even kings and emperors are not immune to their viles. And the face that launched ships had definitely had to have a little slutty nature behind it too.

(A friend spoke of her being slutty once. Actually she drew a verbal picture that had me going in circles for a while, wondering how hard and how brown those nipples must have been.And many things else!)

A slut is special thing. Every man hope for one in bed, desires and drools for one. A slut is a special characteristic that stands apart from all other women. A slut is not a tramp, tramps are different, they behave slutty without having the finesse or class. A true slut has both in good measure. She has class that exudes a natural talent for pressing just the right buttons. She has the erotic finesse to pull it off without seeming crude.

A slut releases one from sexual bondage and liberates suppressed sexual soul. For she herself is one, liberated and free as a bird.

To make love to a slut is an unforgettable experience. She knows what she wants and gets it and ends up giving you more than you had even known you needed. If you have ever made love to slut, the experience will leave you a little dazed, it will leave you a little high, and it will leave you shaking your head that how lucky you were to be at the right place at the right.

Being a slut needs courage and ability and a fair amount of determination.

If you ever meet one, don't throw a slur towards her, admire her for what she is, and believe me, if you can follow her life, you will see that the best of them are slated for greatness.

Marilyn was one. Virginia Woolfe was no prude. And every foe agreed that Slyvia Plath may have been a great poet but she was a slut. Every friend and admirer of hers will agree vehemently with the first part and nod (even reluctantly) with the second.

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