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11/23/2005 7:10 pm

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I realized, after Simi's comment, how much I had left unsaid.

Arousal is easy. By nature most men are dogs and (before my kind gather around me with scimitars and swords) most women are bitches too.

You do arouse me girl, but then I am a man. Anything can arouse me. We have done it with goats and monkeys, we invented bestiality and then handed it over to the womenfolk for sport. Angelina Jolie in plaits shooting bad guys can arouse us, jiggle of tits can arouse us, a shake of the twat can arouse us. Why, a woman could, with her hands tied behind her back - literally, arouse us. Sania Mirza sending a forehand can arouse us, though I can't personally say same with regards to Davenport.

Arousal is easy. I am sure Ian Thorpe has wet a certain part of many a woman's anatomy, and I know of a woman who gets the flushes watching the Pakistani cricket player Inzamam Ul Haq. That, if you ask me is as weird as someone telling me they were jacking off to a Whoopi Goldberg poster. But then Whoopi must be arousing someone, so there.

There comes a time, usually long after we have left the teenage years behind, maybe spawned a few children and had had enough sex in enough variations, that a void sets in. The arousal of the mind becomes important. The subtleties become more important than the sex itself. The kisses take on a new meaning, we spend longer time making out and not shoving it in a hurry.

I am sure it is not true of all men, neither any set rule for women.

I am talking of myself. And the friend who aroused me in that mental level.

It is about such attractions, when they were still just a zygote, that I find fascinating.

As an exercise just go sit on a bench in any decent mall for a half an hour. Look at the members of opposite sex (or your own if you are so inclined) as they pass by. And make a mental tick for each of them, on the first glance do you like them or don't you. You might amaze yourself!

I give that it is a facile exercise and no psychologist would give it any credence, nor any pollster agree to its worth. They would be right, for this is not meant to establish a person is likable or not but to see how diverse our choices and how bizarre they can be.

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