It's hard to hook up...  

JasonFlirting 43M
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7/30/2005 7:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It's hard to hook up...

I'm on the road this weekend, doing some work in Denver, and I've got a bit of spare time, not a lot. And I finally have some people who respond and seem interested in meeting, but we can't find times that we are available. Very frustrating!!!

I'm so horny, I stayed up until 3:30 AM last night/this morning shaving my balls and masturbating on cam before I finally came, and then had to start work at 7. Now I've got a killer headache, but all I can think about is sex...and I just had to turn down a no strings blowjob because I've got stupid deadlines and he's got to work tonight. And it would have been my first time with another guy, so I was kind of excited.

And I think maybe my pictures scared off the women, but they're too polite to say it. My profile says I'm large, 6'4" and 300 lbs is certainly more than "a few extra pounds". I don't know what they were expecting...Besides, my gut just gives me a little more inertia for some hard pounding action! 'More cushion for the pushin' works two ways.

Hope you are getting more than me...

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