Thought on a Get Together  

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10/29/2005 3:35 am

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Thought on a Get Together

I wait in the main hall of the casino, eager for the sight of you, pacing back and forth. Again I'm early, never really getting the timing right to not have to wait.

I'm dressed simply, my favorite baggy bluish gray pants with my button down white shirt, blue flames burning brightly at the bottom. I have my red and black thrown over it all.

After glancing at my phone for the millionth time to check the clock on the front, I see the two of you walking up the ramp.

My face slowly begins to light up in a smile.

You get to me, I reach out and shake the gentleman's hand, then lean over and give you a formal hug.

We go from there towards the casino floor, eager for our night of fun and frolick.

We go through the entrance and head for a table. We buy our chips and take our seat. You are between the gentleman and I, though I notice you are slightly closer to me than him. I smile a little, flattered at the extra attention.

We begin to play, a cocktail waittress comes by and you order us drinks.

As the blackjack play is going on, we laugh and joke around, and I throw out pointers every so often to break the ice between us guys.

As the alcohol flows through us the atmosphere gets lighter and we begin to flirt and tease.

You have your hand resting lightly on my leg, gently squeezing every now and then to keep my attention partially on you.

I smell the heady perfume you have on and I can't help but feel aroused and ready for more.

The gentleman and I finally have enough play, feeling sated and happy at the experience, not losing but not winning a great deal.

We cash in our chips and head out, going towards the hotel rooms.

We get to the lobby of the hotel and talk to the receptionist.

We get a room, and after all the paperwork is filled out we grab our keys and head for the elevator.

My palms begin to sweat and I can feel my body temperature go up. My pulse races as we enter the elevator together. I try to calm down, but the butterflies of a new experience jumble up my stomach.

We exit the elevator, going down the hall to the room.

He inserts the key and after a few seconds, unlocks the door and opens it.

We all go in, dropping our coats and shoes on the chairs and floor.

We shut the door behind us and sit down on the bed.

Everyone is talking softly before the you come over and gently touch my shoulder. You lean over and kiss me deeply, my hands run through your hair and then over your shoulders.

He walks over and sits on the bed across from where we our sitting, you leans over and kiss him next.

I tug gently at the bottom of your shirt, you break your kiss momentarily, then once its off continue again.

I lightly run my fingers over your skin, watching them kiss passionately before kissing you back, my hands running over trapped breasts, feeling your nipples harden under the material of your bra.

I unfasten your bra, slowly sliding it down your arms and off of you, kissing the skin revealed.

He slides out of his pants as I push you back on the bed, your beautiful breasts splashed with the light of a nearby lamp.

You pull down his boxers and take him in your mouth as I begin to suckle your nipples, running my hands over them, squeezing them.

Soon you are moaning from the attention given to you by the men in your life, turned on and eager for more.

As I playfully nip and suckle your nipples, I become mesmerized, watching you deepthroat his cock over and over again.

Finally I begin to run my tongue down between your breasts to your stomach, my hands caressing your thighs, pushing them apart as I run my nails softly over them.

Your soft ripply skirt pushes higher up your thighs and I wonder want kind of girl you are tonight.

I run my hands along your inner thigh, finally pulling up your skirt to reveal that you've gone commando.

I smile and chuckle softly, and I see you try to smile with the cock in your mouth.

I push your skirt up and slowly run my tongue over your petals. I hear you gasp and softly moan. Encouraged, I push my tongue in a little further, my finger gently brushing your lips apart as I enjoy your sweet taste.

I hear you moan, your legs clenching slightly as your clit emerges and I begin to flick it.

I move my finger to your pussy hole and slide it in slowly, my tongue pressing up against your clit.

You begin to moan louder and louder, your juices flowing into my mouth as you get hot and wet. You pull his cock out of your mouth and pump it, your hand running up and down as you begin to grind your pussy into my fingers, eager to feel them deep inside of you.

I slide a second finger inside, running them over the inner wall slowly, my tongue sliding back and forth against your clit as you begin to clench against me.

You're practically screaming as I finger fuck you.

Finally your entire body clenches and you let out one last loud moan of ecstacy, your juices gushing out into my mouth as I lick them up excitedly.

I pull away, my face slightly dripping with your cum, I switch places with him as he slides inside of you.

He begins to pump in and out, I hear you moaning still. I lean forward and kiss you on the lips, the taste of your cum shared between us as I softly caress one of your breasts.

As he fucks you I keep kissing you, finally you break the kiss and reach over to my pants.

You unbuckle the belt as I get closer to you. You unsnap them, moaning with pleasure as he thrusts into you, unzipping them as they slide to the ground.

You see a pair of chili pepper boxers and you laugh at our private joke.

We kiss again softly before you slide my boxers to the floor.

My cock springs free, hard and waiting.

You pull me to you, downing my cock to the hilt as you excitedly bob up and down.

My head swims with pleasure as your fingers run over my balls and you run your tongue up and down my shaft.

I pull my shirt up and off me and you look approving at my tight chest.

He begins to pump you harder, eager to cum inside of you and feeling it well up.

You begin to suck me off more, moaning against my dick as you run your hand over my thigh back up to my balls.

Finally he thrusts deeply and cums, moaning from the exertion and sending you closer to the edge.

Once he's done he pulls out, walking over to a chair to rest and watch.

I gently touch your head, still pumping on my cock.

Your eyes meet mine and I gently push you away.

I walk around, lightly touching your legs and urging you onto your hands and knees.

I slide on a condom and begin to run the tip of my penis over your pussy, seeing his cum dripping all over it.

Finally ready for that first entrance, I spread your cheeks and slide into your tight pussy.

I thrust back and forth slowly, enjoying the feeling of your pussy clenching against my cock as it runs in and out of you.

I begin to get more excited, your moans urging me. My thrusts turn to a higher and higher pace, I reach around and grab your hips to pull you against me harder.

Running my hands up further, I lean forward and rub your breasts as I fuck you.

Pinching your nipples softly I begin to feel the bad boy rise up in me. I move one hand to your hair and tug back, roughening up the sex as I pull myself deep inside you. My other hand smacks your ass, asking you if your my naughty girl.

I fuck you harder and harder, my thrusts pounding against you as you scream in pleasure.

Finally I lean forward further and grab your shoulders, I push myself in as far as I can, pushing in and out as I feel my balls slap against your pussy.

Your screaming louder and louder, until finally he comes over and pushes his dick in your mouth again, hard from the action in front of him.

I run one hand down your back, my nails sliding over your spine, finally slapping your ass again. I reach down and slide your legs a little further apart on the bed.

I feel your pussy clench against my cock as I'm pushing into you, the head almost drunk with pleasure.

You orgasm again, cumming against my cock as your whole body shudders in pleasure.

He tells you he's going to cum soon. Knowing you don't like it in your mouth, I pull out and slide you on your back so he can cover your smooth, beautiful tits with his jizz.

He spurts all over you, the white sticky fluid covering you as you run your hands over it, spreading it on them.

I lift your legs onto my shoulders and slide into you again, my dick plunging deep inside of you.

I slide in slowly, back and forth, feeling your walls clench tightly against me. I begin to slide in and out faster, pumping in long motions. I tell you to fuck me back and you begin to push back against me, clenching up to make yourself so tight.

I lean forward and kiss your lips, our sweat bodies sliding against one another as you run your hands over me.

I fuck you harder and harder before I feel myself tighten up. The cum wells up in my balls and I feel my legs clench. I slide in faster and faster, excitedly telling you that I'm about to cum.

You beg me to cum inside of you and begin to scream my name.

I finally groan deeply, letting go, my cum gushing out as I pump in and out of your pussy.

Tired, I pull out, lying back on the bed to rest.

After a few minutes I pull the condom off and throw it away.

We laid in bed, recuperating, before finally gathering our things and getting ready for bed.

I wash up a little, then crawl into bed in my boxers.

After a few moments, you crawl in bed next to me, snuggling into my arms. He lies on the other side of you, close enough to feel the warmth of your body.

A few moments later...oblivion...


open4fun2005 58M/51F

10/30/2005 8:27 am

Very hot Jarrod!

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