Thinking Of You  

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9/23/2005 3:09 am

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Thinking Of You

So I guess it only being my seventh post, I still have a lot to share with everyone. As someone who inspires to write someday, and possibly publish something that could hit a major bookstore, a little poetry has never really been difficult.

Most of it comes off rough to me, but others seem to like them, so here goes, this is a free flow I've been playing with the past few days:

Sleepless Night

Lying in bed
Eyes closed
Hands roaming
Seeing you

Flashes first
Parts, images
Blue green eyes
Piercing me

Breasts, nipples erect
Heaving and swaying
Legs arched
Tensing and clenching

Sound and motion
Your moans arousing my senses
Full body bursting into view
My eyes caress it all

The scene begins to play out
My hands acting to fill the void
Gliding up and down my shaft
As your body pushes against mine

The pace quickens
Your hand runs over my chest
I groan as I feel you squeezing
Cum wells, waiting for release

I see your eyes again
Filled with desire
I let go
Streams squirting

My eyes open
Body relaxing and unclenching
The vision fades
I'm alone again

I know this can be interpreted as depressed, but I'm not really. Frustrated possibly. But in the grand scheme of things I'm optimistic. It's just that horniness always stands in the way of a peaceful night of sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I'm gonna go to bed, I've got a long day ahead of me.

Much love to all my readers,


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