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10/5/2005 12:18 am

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Decisions Decisions

So I think I'm going to go with an older woman for my fantasy.

Keep in mind I don't mean old woman, because anyone who could be my grandmother is just not right to think about sexually.

Most people might think a woman that would be my mother would be wrong, but older women are more experienced and very sexy if they take care of themselves.

The term MILF came about when the movie American Pie came out, but it was already thought of, especially in songs like "Mrs. Robinson"...

So I guess now I have to think of something (or someone) to do, right?

Well, of all the people I can remember, one can stick out in my head.

She was the mother of a girl who was my friend when I was younger. They lived next door to me for much of my childhood...

She had long, wavy brown hair, she stood around 5'6" and had a nice figure. She wasn't stacked, but she did look good for her thirties.

Now I'd say she's in her late thirties.

Here's my thoughts on the occasion:

I'm in my old hood, running an errand for my parents at Osco's. As I go down the aisles picking out the items they need, I bump into a familiar face. She smiles, telling me how much I've grown since the last time she's saw me.

I ask her about her daughter and we catch up about what we've been doing. I ask her her plans for the evening.

She tells me nothing special, so I ask her if she would like to join me for a drink at a bar near my apartment.

We agree to meet and I finish up my shopping.

I drop my things off and go home to get ready.

I grab a shower and throw on some clean clothes, shave, and toss on some cologne.

I walk into the bar, basic setup, counter, some tables, a dart board.

I go and order a drink while I wait...jack and coke on the rocks...

I spot her just as the bar tender hands me the drink. I wave her over, hugging her as she gets up to me. I ask her what she's having, tell the bar tender, then settle down on a stool to talk.

We start joking around about how bad our old neighborhood has gotten, thinking about the times when it was quiet and the worst thing that would happen was a fight between the neighborhood kids.

After a few drinks I start to flirt a little. Not intentionally maybe, but I do it just the same.

She is wearing a blue tank top with a black skirt cut just above the thighs. Sitting up on the stool it rode up a little more, I couldn't help staring at her long, bare legs.

I told her she looked good tonight. She blushed and thanked me, not used to the attention. She complained that her husband didn't really notice much any more.

After another drink she told me that she didn't feel comfortable driving all the way back to the farm she lived at.

I asked if she had a backstory if she crashed somewhere. She said she wou7ld just tell her husband she was staying at her sister's house in town.

I took her back to my apartment.

She took the tour and we listened to some music in my bedroom, my candle the only light in the room.

Feeling bold, I leaned in and kissed her.

She kissed back, gently touching my shoulder, the kiss becoming more intimate and deep.

After a few seconds she pulled away, unsure of the situation.

I asked her if she was ok...after a pause she nodded, then brought her lips to mine in an explosive kiss.

My tongue darted into her mouth and the kiss got deeper still. I ran my fingers through her shoulder length brown hair before gently pushing her back on the bed.

After a few moments I reached down and pulled the tank top over her head, exposing the white bra underneath.

I began to kiss her neck, nipping her softly with my teeth as I made my way down her long, sexy torso.

I began to kiss her breasts through her bra, feeling her nipples harden beneath my attentions.

I slid it off, suckling and kissing her breasts while my hands roamed across her stomach and back through her hair.

I kissed her again while I slid my hands up her black skirt to pull off her panties to reveal her wetness.

She was already dripping and ready for my cock, I slid off my pants and shirt, eager to make love to her.

I pulled out a condom from my drawer and slid it on, then began to run the head of my cock against her pussy lips, then up to her clit.

She moaned, begging me to push inside of her.

I slid in, enjoy the moan of plesure that she let out as I plunged deep inside of her hot, wet pussy.

I fucked her hard and fast, eager to hear more moans of pleasure escape her lips.

I turned her over onto her knees and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back as I fucked her hard, pushing into her and hearing her cries of pleasure and pain wash over me.

After a while I couldn't help myself and I came. Load after load was let out and then we finally collapsed into a heap.

When I awoke the next morning she was already getting dressed. She told me she needed to get back, but she was glad we shared the last night together.

I walked her to the door, hugged her and told her it was good seeing her again. We laughed a little, then she left.

I suppose I could have written that we fucked several more times or some shit like that, but honestly I think in that situation or even the case of a married older woman I didn't know, it would just be a one night stand. I'm not adverse to the idea and it makes things so much simpler.

Anyway, I know this isn't my best work, but I hope ya'll enjoyed it all the same.

Love to all my readers,


JarrodSparrow 33M

10/5/2005 5:43 am

Yeah, I'm a bit rusty on my literotica...I've written much better ones...if you haven't read my profile, I think I did well there, and some of my other blog entries turned out well.

While I won't edit my story (I try only to edit the grammaticals on this particular blog to preserve the stream of thought), I do see your point about smacks self in head) the order of events in this fantasy.

I hope to improve my writing-as its one of my life long dreams to be a writer-so hopefully I'll double check the next story to prevent that.

Anywho, enough rambling...Thanks for viewing and commenting.

Come back any time.

Hope to hear from you again, Jarrod

open4fun2005 58M/50F

10/5/2005 9:11 am

Hmmmmmmm...very sexy Jarrod! So you decided to go with the older woman fantasy huh? Excellent choice! <hint hint hint> I could only hope to write such fantasies. My brain and fingers just cant see to work together.....but you got it going on!! Your friends mother is one lucky MILF!!

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