Chapter 3: And Then the Morning Comes  

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10/22/2005 2:09 pm

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Chapter 3: And Then the Morning Comes

I wake up, my eyes slowly fluttering open as the sunlight hits them. As my eyes open fully I stare into a pair of deep, brown eyes, the sun's rays casting sparkles across them.

I push up onto one elbow.

"G'mornin'" I whisper with a smile.

"G'mornin'" She moans with a giggle.

A wisp of brown hair had fallen over the side of her face, so I gently reached out and brushed it aside, gently cupping her cheek with my hand and pulling her to me. We kiss, our lips sliding together in a passionate embrace.

We break after a moment, smiling and sighing softly. I run my fingers across her beautiful supple breasts, down her stomach, across her legs and then back up again.

Her fingers run through my hair slowly, the tips trailing, relaxing me.

"Last night was really amazing." She says wistfully.

"For me too."

Her eyes roam down my body and she laughs softly.

I cock my eyebrow at her, wondering what's so funny.

She shakes her head, smiles, then pushes me back onto the bed. Her hands roam over my chest, nails lightly running over my skin to intensify the sensation.

She settles between my legs and I smile at her, understanding everything.

She winks and take my hard morning wood in her mouth, slowly sliding up and down my shaft, sucking gently at the head of my penis each time.

Her fingers roam from my legs up to my balls, slowly rubbing my skin as she deep throats me. I feel the head of my cock hit the back of her throat and I groan in pleasure.

I reach up finally to get her attention, lightly pushing up her head while reaching for her mid section. Surprised, she follows my lead as I slide down the small black futon mattress and she repositions herself, her long legs and beautiful dripping wet pussy over my face.

I reach up and grab her tight ass and pull her down to me. My tongue slides into her pussy as we both moan from the pleasures of our position.

I slide my tongue all the way up the petals of her pussy, then back down, slowly tracing a trail as I taste her juices of excitement, controlling myself as I feel her sliding up and down my cock, her warm mouth wrapping it up tight and sucking hard.

I stick my tongue deep into her pussy, enjoy the moan of surprise as I slide my tongue up to her now visible hood to press against her clit.

Her juices flow out of her and we both moan loudly in excitement.

She tastes sweet and salty at the same time and I can feel her shaking, trying to pleasure me and be pleasured at the same time.

As I continually softly press my tongue against her clit, I push one finger into her pussy. She cries out, I slide it in and out along her, feeling the sensations of her spasming body.

She pumps up and down harder at my cock, her orgasm near, I begin to flutter my tongue rapidly against her as my finger slides in and out of her faster and faster.

"Cum in my mouth luv, cum for me" I say, my hot breath against her body.

She moans, her body clenching against me, I feel her legs shake and I hold her against me, steadying her as I push in and out, my tongue running in circles around her clit. She moans louder and louder, finally cumming into my mouth, I lap at her juices, eager to taste it all.

Shuddering, she slides off of me, wild eyed and excited. I reach over to the nearby night stand and pull a condom out of the drawer.

She smiles as I slide it on and I push her back onto a bank of pillows.

I slide between her legs, pushing them apart wide and then I thrust into her. She's so wet it slides in quickly and I reach up to massage her breasts.

I kiss her and she moans softly as she tastes herself, our tongues mingling in our mouths.

I run my fingers over her hard, firm nipples as we push into one another, her legs wrap around me, pulling me deeper.

I begin to pump harder, my balls slapping into her as the sex begins to get rougher. I break our kiss, gently biting her neck before moving down to suck and nip at her nipples.

She moans pushes up against me, her thrusts gripping my shaft every time.

Excited, I reach down and grab her ass, lifting her into me and she screams

"Oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

I groan, pumping into her, my cock flying in and out of her, her legs clenching and gripping me tighter to her, our bodies a blur of sexual motion.

Beads of sweat begin to cover me as I feel my body push the edge of my release.

I move her legs from my waste to my shoulders, her ass cutely pointing up, her pussy perfectly aligned.

I begin to slide down, deeper than any of the other times, filling her completely with each stroke.

She screams with pleasure, my own groans filling the room as I feel her tightly gripping me.

"I'm gonna cum!"

"Oh god, cum in me, fill me up!"

A few more thrusts and then I feel my body clench, I explode inside, still pumping as we both scream in ecstasy, our bodies shuddering in orgasm.

Drained, I let her legs settle onto the bed, I take the condom off and throw it away. She mischievously sucks my softening penis, her tongue licking the shaft inside her mouth, tasting the leftover cum.

Finally we settled back, cuddling softly and catching our breaths, knowing we would have to get ready for the new day soon.

I run my fingers through her damp, sweaty hair.

"You look good and sexy right now." I say to her, eyes twinkling with satisfaction.

"What, the just fucked look?"

"Yeah." We both laugh and she tousles my hair before pulling me in for a kiss.

We lay there for about an hour, our bodies against one another, kissing softly and whispering intimately, enjoying one another's company.

Finally we crawled out of bed, getting dressed.

I walk her out to her car, hugging her.

"Thank you for such a beautiful night and an even better morning."

She smiles and winks at me.

"Thank you for that hot explosive night of sex!"

She pulls me to her, her hands running through my hair as she pulls me into a deep, sultry kiss.

We part after a moment, both breathless.

"I'll text you later," She says as she steps into the car."

"Drive safe." I nod at her and shut the door after her.

She starts the car and pulls out. I watch her until she pulls completely out of the parking lot, my eyes memorizing the moment.

Smiling, I walk back into the building.

Truly content, I head for the shower to get an official start to an already amazing morning.

I hope you enjoyed my little trilogy.

I'm still not 100% right now (side note: writing an intimate, sexual story while sick with a cold does not help the ambience...) but I did enjoy writing this last part.

My thanx to Caressmewell and Open for their support and inspiration. I only hope I did my promises justice.

Well, until the next erotic encounter,


open4fun2005 58M/51F

10/22/2005 5:57 pm

Oh WOW!! I will say it again! WOW!! Ammmmmmaaaaaazzzzziiiiinnnngggggg Jarrod! Poor baby! Not feeling so great and you were still able to write such an erotic story! This one did more than justice I must say...You got my motor running....I am purring like a kitten....

I can only imagine the night before!! A lot of hot awesome sex!!
Can I ask what kind of car does the beauty drive? LOL

caressmewell 53F

10/25/2005 4:55 am

Jarrod - Wow!! Great ending. Hope you are feeling better soon. I left you a comment the other day but I can't see it, maybe it went to comment heaven. Keep up the good work!

JarrodSparrow 33M

10/26/2005 12:31 am

Thank you Caress...comment heaven? lol...yeah...I imagine...but then what would hell be *shiver* never mind, that's where all the bad posts go...


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