21st Post...about 21!  

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10/14/2005 4:40 am

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21st Post...about 21!

Ok, so ironically I was thinking about black jack while working tonight...especially about playing it. I've never played table games before, but I'd previously played black jack with my brother and I've played in online a few times.

In honor of my 21st post I present to you a fantasy about teaching black jack to a woman I know.

I'm no expert in black jack, nor casino black jack, all I know is what I have played and observed...so if something is terribly wrong, PLEASE correct me...I don't research this a whole lot, just go about my fascinations and write what I do know.

Anyway...onwards to fantasy!

The door bell rings, she's right on time. A stack of 3 shuffled decks sit in one pile on the table with a small load of chips organized next to it. Everything ready for my first fun black jack lesson.

I open the door, she's standing there, long and lithe. She smiles and leans over to peck me on the cheek. I move aside to let her in and take her jacket, placing it on a nearby chair.

She's wearing a light sweater, blue, which accents her gorgeous full breasts and tight stomach.

I point her to the kitchen wear the table is set up, watching her walk in, her jeans clinging to her firm ass and long, sexy legs.

I get a few drinks and settle at the table.

I explain to her that the lesson is going to be full of enticing benefits, to make the learning more fun. I explain that she will get a number of chips equal to the number of articles of clothing she has on. She counts it out: a shirt, bra, jeans, panties, socks (counting as two) and shoes (counting as two) for a total of eight chips.

Every time you lose a chip, you have to take off an article of clothing.

She tells me it seems a little one sided. I get to the next part of the session. I tell her every set number of wins will force me to take off an article of my clothing.

I begin to explain the basics of black jack. I tell her the difference between black jack and poker is that black jack is much more straightforward. There's a lot less strategy and thought. Poker requires skill and personality, whereas black jack is more logic and numbers.

I tell her the minimum bet is five dollars, or a red chip in our game. Since she has forty dollars, she can bet up to forty dollars in a single round. If she loses however, she would be naked.

She asks me how I would start betting. I tell her start small, until you have built up some winnings. Maybe one red chip or five dollars.

She bets the five and the cards are thrown.

She gets a queen and a five, while I have a seven showing. She looks at me, wondering if she needs to take a hit.

I tell her to weigh it out...I have seven showing, meaning my highest possible hand is eighteen, which would beat her current fifteen.

I also tell her to think about what she needs. Six or less...that's about twenty four cards in a single deck. It's a minority compared to the cards she doesn't want.

I tell her taking a hit in this case is very risky, but since I have a seven showing, it's a risk she should probably take.

She takes the hit, getting a four. She's stands at nineteen. I flip a jack, and I stay at seventeen...she has her first win.

The game continues along with me explaining splitting and its advantages and disadvantages. She gets two tens and I tell her to hold them instead of splitting, since its nearly a guaranteed win, whereas a pair of fours would be better to split and build on.

After three straight wins, I take off my shirt. She smiles, admiring my toned body and light trails of brown hair.

The next round she pulls a ten and a seven, and I have a deuce showing, she holds to be safe. I flip a nine over, then hit for a queen. I take her wager for the first time, telling her that safe play is the right thing to do, but doesn't always win.

She matches me on the stripping, boldly taking off her sweater to reveal a silky white bra that barely contains her pale white breasts.

Anxious for more, I deal the next round. She gets a seven and a four and I ask her if she wants to try for double or nothing. She looks up questioningly. I tell her that if she lays down her bet again, she gets one card and if its enough to win, she gets double her bet, but if she takes that one card and I beat her, she loses it all.

She asks why she would do that. I tell her that on some hands, when you have a good possibility of getting a winning combination, doubling the bet to score a few extra chips is a good idea. In the case of an eleven, any card above five will have a high chance of winning, so it's a pretty safe bet to double or nothing on.

She thinks about it, biting her lip in thought...after a moment she sets a second red chip in front of her. I flip a six and she smiles a little. I flip my cards, showing a six and two. I take a card and get a nine. She looks at me, waiting for me to explain a tie.

Ties are called pushes. You discard the cards and redeal, the bet holds and the next set determines the outcome.

I deal out the cards. A five and four to her. She doubles again boldly, getting a ten for a smart play. I have a seven, then flip a queen, for an automatic win for her. I slide off a shoe and wink at her.

We play a while longer, she wins a lot, I take a few chips back, we both get down to our underwear for the last, tense moments of the game.

Her winnings to one side, she runs her finger over her last pair of chips, placing one out and waiting the deal.

I deal her two fives and reveal a queen for myself.

She splits, placing the last precious chip in front of her.

I deal a jack on one five and a six on the other. She eyes my queen, then hits both again.

I put a seven down on the first pile, it busts at twenty two. I lay down a king on the other for twenty one.

I take the one chip away and hand it back over for the other part of the split, as my flip revealed only an eight.

She removed her bra, her ample breasts sliding free and full, nipples erect with excitement.

She puts her last chip in, then slides one chip in from her winnings, boldly betting more than she has on.

I tell her if she loses, she'll owe me something since she can't pay in clothes.

She winks and tells me to deal.

I lay out a king and a ten in front of her. She smiles happily and holds. I have a king up, I flip over a five. I reach for the next card in the deck, flipping a six for the hit.

I take the two chips away from her, her face froze in a momentary look of shock.

I laugh, telling her that not every twenty is a winner.

Recovering quickly, she pushes away from the table, removing her panties and smiling seductively.

I look at her curiously, taking in her beautiful pussy with its shaved pubes, wondering what she was doing.

She comes around the table, telling me she has to make up for her loss.

She leans down and kisses me, my hands run over her breasts, pinching her pert nipples.

She bites my neck, I growl with pleasure.

She runs her fingers down my chest over my stomach to the top of my boxers.

Getting onto her knees, she looks up at me and I oblige her by lifting my hips off the chair. As my boxers hit the kitchen floor her tongue gently flicks the tip of my hard cock.

A jolt of electricity surges through my body as I lean back in the chair. She puts her lips on the tip, gliding over it gently, teasing me wickedly.

I look into her eyes and they mesmerize me. As our eyes line up she opens her mouth and slides down my shaft, taking me in down to the hilt.

She slides up and down slowly, my brain overwhelmed by the intensity of her sexy treatment.

Nearly overcome, I pull her back up, not wanting to cum and end the moment.

I pull a condom from a drawer and she takes it from me, eagerly sliding it onto my stiff penis.

I move her against the table, bending her over it and running my hands over her ass, squeezing her cheeks as I look at her fabulous body.

I run my tongue over her legs, then onto her inner thigh, she almost buckles against the table and she moans softly.

I move up, closer to her hot, wet need, she whimpers, eager to feel my tongue and lips on her flower.

My hands glide up, running softly over her petals, before I finally run the tip of my tongue after them.

Her sweet taste on my lips, I eagerly plunge my tongue deep inside of her, hearing her moan with pleasure. I slide up and down faster, flicking over her clit and feeling her jump against me.

Nice and wet, I tell her to ask me to fuck her.

She begs me, telling me she needs my cock inside her and that she wants me to fuck her hard.

I run the tip of my cock over her lips, she whines with impatience.

I chuckle, then slide inside, eager to feel her tight pussy surrounding me.

I grab her hair and pull her head back, using my other hand to rub and squeeze her ass as I slide in and out of her faster and faster. My balls slap against her and we both groan loudly in ecstacy.

After a few minutes I stop, sweat pouring from my brow, not yet ready to be finished. I sit on the chair and urge her to get in my lap.

She sits on my cock, her breasts in my face. She starts grinding in my lap, I plunge into her breasts sucking her nipples while my hands hold her ass and pull me deeper inside of her.

I feel the cum well up in my balls and her vagina tightens, eager to feel my explosion.

She grinds faster and faster, I begin to lift her a little, then slide her back down, our bodies caught up in the erotic lap dance.

I let go, bright flashes of color overwhelming me as I spurt load after load inside her.

We stop finally, gasping for breath. I reach up to her face, pulling her to me and kissing her tenderly. She climbs off and we clean up the mess of cards and chips that scattered on the table during our escapades.

Laughing lightly and running our hands over one another, we lay on the couch, cuddling and talking softly.

After a few hours, we get dressed and I walk her to the door. We hug, kissing again, and then agree that our next black jack play should be in a casino, where we can control ourselves.

After she leaves, I put away the cards and chips with a smile. A successful lesson and a fantastic evening of sex.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did last night thinking about it.

Love to all my readers,


caressmewell 53F

10/14/2005 6:03 am

Happy 21st post!

open4fun2005 58M/50F

10/14/2005 12:14 pm

Jarrod hon....I wanna learn to play Black Jack right now!!...will you teach me?

JarrodSparrow 33M

10/14/2005 3:28 pm

Thanx caress! maybe I'll hit that good 100 at some point (scary thought...do I HAVE that much creativity?)


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