This Nights For You!!  

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9/4/2005 4:57 pm

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This Nights For You!!

*Passion in the arms of my friend, my lover, my husband.
*I was laying on my right side in my semi-fetal position in our California king bed. He quietly got out of the bed and put our two dogs in their kennel's. He listened to my breathing and waited to hear me stir. I knew what was on his mind, so I slowly rolled on my back and stretched and purred like a sleepy kitten.
*He came to my side of the bed. He waited for my invitation. I said "Come here big boy and show me what you have." He slowly and gently laid his body over mine.I could feel his arousal, large and firm against my thigh. It was heavenly feeling his weight pin me to the bed and exciting to feel him already aroused.
*He lifted himself off of me, for a brief moment to strip my satin sleep shirt from me and to remove his tight boxer briefs. We lay there naked and kissed deep, wet passionate kisses,tongue war kisses, licking, slurping kisses. He was panting with desire, when are lips parted. I purred, low growl from my throat as my desire mounted.
*He began to kiss my neck, and ran his tongue in my ear, and he whispered, "I love you" and "I find you the most erotic woman". His lips and tongue wandered to my left breast. He took my nipple in his mouth and sucked and ran his teeth gently over it. He let it fall from his mouth and breathed cool breath on it. My nipple peaked and he sucked it back in his mouth. He sucked as if he would never get enough of my breast. All of a sudden he tongue made a wet trail from my left nipple to my right nipple. He began his assault on my right nipple.
*I am kissing and caressing his head. I close my eyes, and just enjoy the stimulation of my nipple as his tongue flicks it and his teeth tease it to a peak. My moan becomes loud,and he moves his mouth to capture my passion!
*Suddenly his hand is between my thighs, stroking my clit gently. He finds my pussy dripping and hot. I moan into his mouth as he kisses me. I push my pussy to his hands by raising my hips. He fingers my clit with increasing intensity.
*Keeping his finger on my clit, he reaches into my bedside nightstand and retrieves my clit stimulator. He puts it on my clit. I nearly explode. I cry loudly with sheer desire. Before I know it, he has my slim line vibrator buried deep in my pussy. He knows to work it deep and rock it back and forth. I come within seconds. Gushing my juices all over his hand. He raises his hand to his mouth and drinks my juices.
*Then shock of shocks, he positions himself so his face is buried in pussy and licks me clean.
I cum again from his oral ministration. Awesome, body shuddering orgasm. I gush for him again. He keeps saying "I want you to cum" "This night is for you".
*I lay in his arms, caressing his chest, tweaking his nipples, running my hands through his chest hair. I kiss his lips gently and run my tongue around his lips. He moans with desire.
I take my time, as I run my tongue down his chin, down his neck, over is chest and down to his jutting cock. My tongue follows the path my breast made. As his cock comes out from between my breast, I swallow his cock deep. I lick his cock, up and down his shaft. I lick his balls.
He grabs my hair and fucks my mouth.
*He pulls me up to sit astride his cock. He palms my breasts. He twists my nipples. I ride his cock. In and out, back and forth. He grabs my hips and pushes his cock deep in me. I feel his cock throb deep in me. With one more hard deep thrust, he cums with amazing shudders racking his entire body. I cum from the pressure of his orgasm.
*We both collapse. I stay atop his chest with his cock still inside me. We sleep like this for hours. When we wake he repeats "I love you" and "This night was for you"

Bossman18013 53M/53F

9/4/2005 5:40 pm

oh, that is such a sweet, exciting story, those are great nights aren't they.

zooyorksk8er69 32M
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9/4/2005 5:54 pm


FlatLucky 46M

9/7/2005 1:16 am

Well that sounds like about the best night I have heard described in a long time. Tell the hubby to keep up the good work so we can read more in your blog like that!

rm_plztryme1 49M
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9/9/2005 2:23 am

Well like a body like yours every night would be yours and i bet your mans thinking that its his night as well..

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