Personality Types?  

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Personality Types?

All Personality Types:
*Explorers: Finding your way without a compass
Explorers are driven by curiosity, imagination and restless energy. They're spontaneous and resist being hemmed in by routines and rules, preferring to "just do it" rather than ask for permission.
*Idealists: Opening the world to new possibilities. The Idealist's life mission is making the world a better place. They care about big ideas and issues as well as the lives of people around them. In many ways, they're ideal friends and co-workers who inspire others to pursue their dreams.
*Leaders: Getting all you can out of life
Leaders are driven to make an impact on the world. They are courageous, "forces to be reckoned with," unafraid of risk-taking and making unpopular decisions. On a personal level, they are fiercely loyal and willing to do anything to protect their loved ones.
*Traditionalists: Bringing strength and stability to the world. Traditionalists bring order to the world with their practical skills, high standards, and hard work. They're loyal and trustworthy friends. People naturally gravitate to them because of their strength, stability and common sense.
*Individualists: Finding your own path
Individualists stand out for their imaginative, curious, shrewd qualities. They're filled with surprises and don't do things simply to please others. Not everyone appreciates these true originals.
*Rebels: Challenging the status quo
Rebels challenge the status quo with their proactive, defiant, and stimulating style. Skeptics by nature, they see themselves as exceptions to most rules. Still, they're great advocates for individuality and the importance of following one's "bliss."
*Givers: Bringing out the best in others
Givers are loving, helpful, generous, and compassionate. They see the best in others and help bring it out. Because their hearts are open, they inspire others to open their hearts.
*Creators: Making your unique contribution to the world .Creators devote their curiosity, insight, and passion to both real world and philosophical issues. They have a knack for combining images, ideas, and information in new and innovative ways. Because their talents often set them apart, it's important they find like-minded friends and pay special attention to keeping their mind and body in balance.
*Champions: Sharing your winning attitude
Champions are natural winners. They easily adapt and bounce back from problems, thanks to their upbeat attitudes, vitality, confidence and courage. They're always striving to live up to their full potential.
*Protectors: Offering a safe harbor
Protectors offer a safe harbor to the people in their lives by being reasonable, reliable, and calm, even in a crisis. People instinctively trust them to watch out for their interests, keep secrets, manage money, and run companies.
*Equalizers: Staying balanced and well-rounded
Equalizers are the most balanced and well rounded of the personality types, with an interesting mix of complementary traits. When others are rigid, Equalizers instinctively adjust to fit the situation.
*Observers: Finding inner peace
Observers strive to find inner peace in a non-peaceful world. Their shy and cautious nature gives them a chance to observe and learn about people and situations, rather than rush in blindly. Though they look reserved and even aloof, they're actually very warm and kind to their intimate circle of family and friends.
What personality type are you? How well do you know yourself?

rm_TwiztedCharm 56M
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10/13/2005 11:02 pm

I fit into each .... What do you call a person who is all of the above?

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