Mesmerized-The End  

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9/30/2005 2:04 pm

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Mesmerized-The End

After recovering from our body shattering orgasms, he pulls me too him and wraps me in his arms. He kisses me with sheer abandonment. Kissing me all over my face. He kisses my lips and I part them to allow his tongue to explore my mouth. I take my tongue and trace his lips. He sucks my tongue into his mouth.
*He kisses my chin and then down my neck and to my erect nipple. He sucks it into his mouth and flicks his tongue over the rose peak. I gasp with delight.
*He continues a path and settles his mouth on my clit. He hums on my clit. He flicks my clit with his tongue. I grab his head with my hands and hold him there, as I let out a feral growl. He takes one finger and then two and then three and puts them in my pussy. My pussy walls convulse around his hand. He pushes up to massage my G-spot. He continues his assault with his tongue on my clit. Within seconds I cum, with a loud whimper, body quivering and gushing into his mouth.
*He is not pleased with just one orgasm, he wants more, so he sucks my clit, flicks my clit and pushes with his fingers on my G-spot. I cum over and over again. He laughs with pleasure that he has made me reach orgasm. He finds great delight in giving.
*He lays his body on mine. I love to feel his body weight holding me to the bed. He kisses me. I clean my juices from his beard.
*He rolls onto his back. I begin to stroke and massage his already rock hard cock with my hands.
My mouth soon follows my hands. I deep throat him and use my tongue to massage up and down his shaft. I use my tongue to flick just below his cock head. He gasps with desire. He whimpers with delight. I lick his balls and all around his cock. He thrusts his cock into my mouth. I suck and move my mouth off and on him with increase speed and intensity. He runs his hands through my hair and fucks my mouth. I feel his cock throb in my throat. He is on fire.
*I begin to lick his balls and massage them with my hands. Kneading them like bread dough. He strokes his cock. I hear his increased breathing. I hear him moan with desire. I see his face contort with passion. I know now he is under my spell. I see his cock explode with cum. He shots his load all over his belly and up to the head of the bed. I lick his cum off his belly savoring every drop of his essence. I cuddle up close to him. We spend time talking and sharing.
* After we are dressed, I stand around in a daze. My senses are fogged over with the thoughts of the passion we experienced. He takes me in his arms and looks into my eyes. He says "You are mine." I shake my head yes. I say and "You are mine." He shakes his head yes.
*He leads me out to my van. As I go to climb into my seat, he kisses me. I wake as from a dream, but with the wetness and throbbing and tenderness between my legs I know it was real.

rm_deaminveni 50M
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10/2/2005 6:18 am

OK, that's me done LOL

Nice tale, quick and to the point. Like the attention being on you and your orgasms.

rm_plcprog2000 51M

10/2/2005 1:50 pm

That what I do... Put the attention on her and make her satisfied.

rm_want2likk 36M
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10/4/2005 4:49 am

i'd love to make that fantasy a reality for you...

rm_joker_Z4 56M

10/8/2005 5:38 am

very hot, Janice.... awesome!!!!

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