Mesmerized-Part 2  

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9/29/2005 10:51 am

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Mesmerized-Part 2

*He lifts me from off the floor and leads me to the bed. He pulls me to him in the bed. He holds me close as he looks into my eyes. He says" You are mine." "You will do as I bid."
I smile at him and shake my head yes. He spends a great deal of time memorizing my face. He touches my forehead, my eyes, my noses, my cheeks and my chin. He uses his lips to gently kiss each part of my face. I know now I will do anything to please this man who has me under his spell.
*We again begin the assault of each other's senses. Kissing, wet, tongue war, slurpping kisses. Caressing,gentle to firm. Exploring bodies. His mouth moves between breasts, suckling, laving and making them form hard rose colored peaks.As his fingers find my clit and rub it, I explode in orgasm. I find his cock as hard as steel wanting me. I caress it with my hand. I caress his balls which are drawn up close to his body. I hear him react to my touch with a gasp and I feel him react with a throbbing and thrust into my hand.
*He pushes me onto my back and spreads my legs to behold the beauty of a dripping wet pussy. He doesn't touch me immediately. First he moves to my ankles, he kisses his way from ankle to thigh, kissing and licking. He stops to suck a bit just behind my knee. Without warning, he is at my clit, licking, flicking and sucking. He sets my pussy aflame with his oral attention. With his tongue he brings me to my peak.
* He pushes his fingers into my wet awaiting pussy as his mouth devours me. Keeping me at a heigtened level of excitement, he reaches to the bedside table and he rams a cock shaped vibe deep into my pussy. He fucks me with the vibe while licking my clit. My orgasm is intense. All other senses fade to dark. I just feel the fire between my legs.
* With a deep feral growl he says " I want to fuck you in the ass." He pushes my legs up over my head and pushes his hard throbbing cock into my pussy and fucks me hard there. His cock wet with my juices, he turns me over onto my belly. He thrust his cock in my ass. I push back on him to take him deeper. My clit stimulator is on my clit. As he thrusts into my ass, over and over again, I cum with great gasps and growls. He says "Your ass is so tight,it feels great." While he is still in my ass, I put the cock shaped vibe in my pussy. I fuck myself with the vibe in my pussy while he fucks my ass. We both reach our body shattering orgasms. We collapse onto the bed, panting and sweaty.

rm_deaminveni 50M
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10/2/2005 6:20 am

Mmmm. Good detail in this part.

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