Married.....And Lonely, Rejected, Unloved, Undesired!!  

JaniceSCRN 53F
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11/4/2005 6:03 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Married.....And Lonely, Rejected, Unloved, Undesired!!

~~A very special friend asked me if our meeting would inspire a blog. I told him, it would inspire a blog. Here is the blog he inspired. It may not be what he expected.
~~My friends, I am married. I am not one to complain, so let me try to put this in a positive light. My husband is not an ogre. He is not mean spirited. He is an excellent provider. He does not beat me. He is a good example to my son, his step-son. He doesn't yell or scream. He doesn't cuss or drink to excess.
~~On the other hand, my husband is not communicative. He speaks very little to me. He speaks of daily living things, never emotions or intimacies. At times, he won't speak for days, except to say Yes, No, or Hear That!! He leaves me feeling lonely.
~~My husband also does not hug me, without me literally forcing him to. His hugs are stiff and very mechanical. He leans into me and almost crushes me under his weight. He leaves me feeling rejected.
~~My husband also does not willingly kiss me. I force him to kiss me. The kisses I recieve from him are a simple peck on my lips. I have tried teaching him how to kiss me to incite passion, but he is not willing to try. He leaves me feeling unloved.
~~My husband never has and I anticipate never will tell me I am beautiful to him. He never tells me I am sexy. He leaves me feeling undesired.
**The need to feel a human connection and to feel wanted and desired it great for me.
**Thanks to a special friend, these needs get met at least for awhile.

rm_plcprog2000 51M

11/5/2005 6:11 am

I am touched dear...Truly.

angelofmercy5 59F
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11/9/2005 1:00 pm

You deserve to have those needs met. And believe me, you are not alone in that quest.

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