Just Let Me Be In Love!!!  

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12/1/2005 5:08 pm

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Just Let Me Be In Love!!!

My Breath is short,my heart is beating fast,
Everytime I smile at her she's smiling back.
If I'm dreaming please just let me sleep.
Anyone can see she's too good for me.
Oh, give it time,she'll find out soon enough.
Just let me have and hold her till she does.
What we've got going on is so incredible.
This chemistry between us feels so wonderful.
But knowing me I'll probably find a way to mess it up. Who knows, who cares, right now just let me be in love.
Don't concern me with reality.
Don't convince me she's too heavenly.
Forget the future disregard the past.
Those are questions I don't wanna ask
To my heart, all that matters is tonight.
Just let me live this moment in her eyes.

Lyrics Just Let Me Be In Love by Tracy Byrd

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