Deflowering of a Virgin!!  

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8/20/2005 4:25 pm

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Deflowering of a Virgin!!

It was the night of the Super Bowl 1982. San Francisco 49ers and the Cincinnati Bengal's played. A nursing student and three of her friends head from the ladies dorms to the TV room to watch the football game. A pastoral major student and his best friend where already sitting in the TV room. We all split up into groups rooting for the different teams. The nursing student and the pastoral major student were 49er fans, so they ended up sitting close on a large leather couch. During the cheering hands accidentally met. Before they knew what was happening they were holding hands, and then she snuggled in and laid her head on his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her protectively. He soon was kissing her hair, rubbing his hands over her shoulder, whispering in her ear " I want you" She blushed and he smiled. After the game was over, the two escaped to his 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood. The back seat was gold plush velvet. They laid side by side facing each other. He began to kiss her gently and sweetly, as if he had never kissed before. She tentatively returned his kiss, unsure of how to kiss. His tongue parted her lips. He probed her mouth exploring her teeth. She stuck her tongue in his mouth and actually began to giggle. They both broke into giggles. He kissed her chin, and then sucked her neck. He licked her ear and gently breathed in them. She could feel her lower abdomen clench and felt wetness begin in her panties. She panted and whimpered with desire. He asked "Is it OK?" "Am I hurting you?"
She answered with kissing him hard, moaning into his mouth. She could feel his hard cock against her belly. She knew if they did not stop, they would have sex. He reached to take off her blouse. He unbuttoned it slowly, as he did, he broke into tears and said " Dear God those are gorgeous". He helped her out of her bra. He began to suckle like a newborn babe. When he released her nipple from his mouth, it stayed erect. He palmed her breasts. She said, " take off your shirt." He did and as he did, he helped her out of her pants and panties. He also removed his pants and underwear. They lay naked next to each other, caressing and massaging. She touched his cock with her hand and he moaned. He pulled away from her and asked, " Should we?"
She said " Please I need it." She laid on her back, he spread her legs, he rubbed his fingers clumsily on her mound. She reached for his cock, and guided it to her virginal opening. He thrust into her,she cried out in pain,so he held still. They stayed totally still for what seemed like an eternity. She pushed her pussy up to take all of his cock. She shuddered with desire. He thrust,she pushed, the rhythm was awkward. He came inside her within seconds. He collapsed onto her and said "Dear God I love you"
They fell asleep in the car, and woke in each other's arms at dawn. Sneaking back into their respective dorms after they swore they would be together like this again!!!

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sounds like you enjoyed the book

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sexyukcouple4u2 im lovein that email my

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