One month later, and we still haven't had satisfaction  

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5/1/2006 12:14 pm

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One month later, and we still haven't had satisfaction

Today is our one month anniversary on AdultFriendFinder, I know this because when I signed on it went straight to the page asking if I wanted to renew for another month (and get a month free if I renew for 3 months).

Well, part of me really REALLY wants to. Jamie and I have seen some pretty hot and freaky people on here but sooooooo many of them just aren't real.

Our frustrations began when we started emailing lots of single women interested in group activity and inviting them to our network. Sure, they'd join our network but wouldn't even have the courtesy to respond to our request. Looking at many of the women's photos on here it's quite apparent that they must be fronts for xxx websites, escort services or women who just want to sell you something.

Who do these people think they're fooling? It's so ridiculously obvious their photos are of professional models taken by professional photographers. No girl-next-door could look that glamorous BY ACCIDENT! Photos that look like they were taken right out of a XXX magazine or website or movie are really easy to spot.

But I digress...

Jamie and I did have some contact with women and a few couples. The couples who contacted us were a little too old or wanted to be out-and-out friends first with benefits later. I wouldn't want to do that, if I did, I'd just try to convince friends of mine and their wives into a foursome idea and that would be really REALLY awkward, ya know?

We did meet an absolutely wonderful woman by the name of "Eve" who was just about to turn her profile off when we emailed her. She was really interested in us but had a lot of things going on in her life - she was about to leave for deployment and her husband was about to come back from his. She even planned to meet Jamie 1-on-1 while I was out to sea but cancelled at the last minute. I told Jamie she should keep calling Eve back to find out what happened but she was to shy to do so, didn't want to seem pushy I guess.

We've also recently met another hot girl named "Rose" who has been off the market for 4 years and wants to get back into the game, secretly. I don't really have any problem with his, although it does make Jamie a bit nervous. I figure, if you're going to be a sexual deviant in God's eyes you might as well go all the way (well... even then there are some limits such as good taste and common sense). We're very optomistic about getting together with Rose but between the schedules of all three of us, setting up an exact date and time has proved to be tricky, but we're keeping in touch and keeping our fingers crossed.

Also, there was a hot girl named Alyssa who lives only 3 miles away who was interested in us, so we wrote her back and as of almost a week later still no reply (then again it took her almost 2 weeks to respond to our initial contact).

The biggest disappointment was a woman who read our profile and blog and was 100% understanding of our situation and wanted to get together, however, once we saw her picture we had to pass.

ARRGH! Why does it always work like that? When you like them they don't like you, and when they like you you don't like them!!?!?

So will we renew our subscribtion? That's a definite... maybe. It seems we've contacted EVERY single, attractive female looking for a theesome with a couple in the Hampton Roads area and beyond. Perhaps we should wait for them to come to us.


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