The Comfort ofStrangers --- Update 10  

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12/25/2005 4:38 pm

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The Comfort ofStrangers --- Update 10

There we were!
It was Saturday .... frankly I needed a sleep. Joanna said the same thing.
We both lost some sleep in the night. And this driving around the town and stopping off so they can pick up food and stuff and then the beach. It makes you want to just close down for a while. plus this party thing at Alison’s place. Later.

So they say, Hey it’s can get together and have a need it! So for the first time since we get there, me and Jo are together in bed.
And it is like 5 in the afternoon. And the house has heated up in the sun. We are lying there under a cover. I reach for her and we are kinda holding onto each other like we been in a storm. Like refugees.
I whisper in her ear, ... You ok with him?......Is it ok?
She goes, ..... Why ask?.....It’s what you wanted isn’t it?.....Tell me about HER!... So I reach for her crack and start stimulating her,....I say.. She is nothing much!...Really!.........But you?....He keeps touching you!.....
Suddenly she started kissing me ferociously.... I couldn’t get a clear answer out of her!

We woke and there was Nola.....seated on the edge of the bed in the darkened room. She was reaching for my thing, which was still sticky from doing it with Joanna, who was still sleeping....Time for a shower!....She got me up. ....We have to get going soon!

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