The Comfort of strangers - First Swaps  

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11/26/2005 7:18 pm

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The Comfort of strangers - First Swaps

I kept getting turned on by the thought of her being sexually embraced by an older man.
We spiced up our sex life by a foreplay involving hands but also involving the telling of stories.
e.g., she had worked as a waitress in an indian restaurant as a 19 year old, and had been relentlessly pursued by the owner. - I was able to ask questions and develop the story until we both got excited, usually giving Joanna one or more orgasms.
Then we fucked.

But the receurrent idea of this younger woman, just turning 29, being embraced by an older man....
-- I admit I had other ideas for her also, the lesbian, the single woman for a threesome... maybe I was getting old. But Jo is very appealing, and I wanted to see her with someone else.

So after chasing the columns of the local paper, I hit on an older couple, late 50's. Seemed safe.I set about interesting Jo in the idea. At first with no success. She is an exhibitionist, but is quite conservative. She teaches art.--- However I made up titilating scenarios, and eventually persuaded Jo to have a meeting. John and Nola live in a country town on the Australian South Coast, 2 to 3 hours drive from our place in Melbourne. - They were coming to Melbourne, maybe doing the rounds. they had years of experience in swapping.
He is a builder and farmer, she works at a supermarket.

The idea was that we meet them for Saturday lunch at the rethar downmarket hotel/motel where they were staying. --- And note that they were cautious and wanted to meet us first, then consult privately before deciding what to do about it.

I was only able to get Joanna's consent to meet them on the quaint but may I say clever condition that we would keep to ourselves. i.e. would be in bed or in a room with them but would only fuck each other, Jo and me. How's that for silly talk!
Obviously, I didn't tell John and Nola that.

So we zapped over to their hotel on a Saturday.Jo brought a condom in case we actually got round to doing it there and then. It was cool weather and jo was in a warm shirt and jacket over a skirt and hose. - Not exactly erotic.

They were a tough, wiry man with silver hair and a
woman with fake blonded hair and some kind of black tunic. All black with a short skirt.Like in the text books.

We discovered we could talk! Converse! What about?
Not about sex, except that we were wannabes and they were has beens and they had a nice house and we had a one room studio apartment. --- And John was also a beekeeper, and he made honey.

To be honest, that day Nola turned me off! I was scared, and still in the male chase female mentality, where the excitement with Nola was in the reverse direction. But surprisingly, Joanna felt ok with him, maybe because he could ramble on about making honey.

I thought they would ask us up to their motel room, but they stuck to their plan, which was to discuss us privately after we had left. All that happened was when the women went to the bathroom, I told john to feel free to touch heer up a little, and that she had brought a condom in case it got steamy. - After she came back, he had a hand on her leg, and when he walked back to the table,he slipped a hand briefly inside the neck of her shirt.

We just finished the meal and the chatwith smiles all round and headed back to our base. No sooner we arrived than John called to say they were very impressed and that we were the best pair they had come across for a while....he said we must come over for a weekend at their place.

[To be continued]

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