The Comfort of strangers - Continued  

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11/26/2005 10:06 pm

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The Comfort of strangers - Continued

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What happened after that introduction?

First, we didn't contact any others. I was pleased that Joanna had met John and Nola and felt safe with them. Our relationship is always a bit stormy. Jo is an artist and hates having to work as an art teacher.
But between quarrels, we had fun imagining a weekend with them.

Two things happened.

In the first place, Jo made a decision that if we go there for a weekend with them at their place, she would be willing to have straight sex with John but only if he used a condom. She was not keen to go there and said it was too risky. She said there are risks if she has sex with a stranger, she could fall in love with him. We talked it over like going on a vacation. John and Nola live in a town on the coast, where there are fantastic beaches. We had told them we go to nudist resorts and beaches. They were keen to take us to a local clothes optional beach there. - So I did what I could to reassure Jo. Luckily John and Nola had been friendly and very proper when we met them for lunch, and Jo liked that.

But in the flow of calls that followed, they got quite a bit more raunchy. John started sounding off on a more aggressive level. Plenty of fuckwords and dirty talk. Nola was also more pushy, and said John would be onto Joanna like a tiger. There was also some talk of wanting anal sex with her. - I managed the situation by generally answering the phone when they called, and by not telling Jo about them getting dirty as I knew it would put her off. I also left Joanna's part in the swap as the main event, without talking about my future with Nola.

My careful engineering had its problems. On one occasion, I got John to promise to talk sweet so as not to throw Joanna off the game. She wanted him to reassure her a bit. - Instead, she came back from the call in a state of shock. He was talking her in the most gross terms about what he wanted to do with her.

To keep her happy, I drafted a letter to them, telling them that we would be happy to have the weekend, but that Joanna wanted all of us to use condoms and only have vaginal sex. Then to keep them happy, I wrote them a secxond letter telling them to go for it. That as far as I was concerned they could use her in any way they wanted, but had
been forced to send the other letter to keep her interested. I said once we get there, it's a matter of just having fun, and that Jo was always better after a few gin and limes.

So there was a long Spring holiday weekend coming up on 7 November, and we arranged to drive down there on the Friday night and stay to Monday. I told Jo that if she was not happy there we would
just start driving back. They said they had two big bedrooms, each with a Queen size bed.

We had to work the Friday afternoon, pack a few things and then start driving at 6. Arriving around 9.


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