The Comfort of Strangers - This is the 9th part - start below  

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12/8/2005 3:06 pm

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The Comfort of Strangers - This is the 9th part - start below

Tell me. How do you feel when you see your partner giving it and taking it from someone? A stranger? Or maybe a regular number three?
For me that afternoon, slow and relaxed, it was weird. It was the first time I had seen this. The best part was when I got down there and was holding Jo’s head in my hands and kissing her face, eyes, ears, mouth while she was on her knees being shafted by him and with Nola working on her pendulant breasts. Joanna was in and out of ecstasy. I liked that. He must have been on something. Sixties, keeping going hard, not actually coming. Just this slopping sound as he pushed into her. I had my thumb in her mouth part of the time, felt her mouth relaxing and then sucking on my thumb. Amazing.

What I liked was it was a shared experience. The idea of going off in separate bedrooms the night before was so different. Like giving her away and getting nothing out of it. Plus there was this secret life going on between her and this old beekeeper. He was still bossing her and she was taking it, doing what he wanted. not like her to do that. The only barrier between them was he wanted to enter her anally, and she didn’t want that. So he used his hand instead.
Something I had never done to her.

When it was my turn and Nola riding me, Joanna kissing me, it was not the same. I just lost it.

Then after some hugs and kisses, towels and off for a shower. Again, he took Joanna aside and up the stairs to the main bedroom. Nola dragged me to the small bedroom and we had a mutual washout!

How did I feel about it? Something inside me felt glad that Joanna was getting it from this guy. Like as if the chains that bind us were suddenly relaxed. Plus
she is so pretty and a doctor’s daughter, so I felt good that she was being used. That she was suddenly an ordinary woman, there for an old guy she barely knew. And it was so uneven, This little old guy getting his hands all over her, getting the feel of her. Sheer exploitation! I liked that. Plus she was involved, she was turned on. So she was ready to be turned on like that, so
easily! I liked that. I just wondered what it would do to our relationship.....

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