The Comfort of Strangers - This is the 8th part - start below  

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12/4/2005 5:29 pm

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The Comfort of Strangers - This is the 8th part - start below

Joanna’s mother had a habit of calling any time of the day. Jo told her we were off to Warrnambool for the weekend. Staying with friends. Just at that point her cellphone went off. Oh hi Mom!’s good! yes!....
And so it went. I cleared the last bits of fried fish and the salad, washed it down with a light beer. Nola was saying something to John about getting back...
When Jo finally closed off the conversation with...ok Mom.....take care!....
John reached for her from where he was sitting took hold of her pony tail and kissed her. A long smoochy kiss. By then he’d had a drink or two. Jo took it very well, didn’t resist, but came out of it laughing.
Nola watched with a big grin. That your mother?
Jo looked down at her unfinished meal. Always calls at the wrong time!
John snorted. No way! Any time is ok!...Could have been worse!

As we sit there in the open yard of an this hotel near the beach, the stiff breeze off the ocean is ripping around us. The sunshade flapping.
When we get down on the sand, with the surf waves coming in, it feels great,
but not my style for swimming. But Joanna and this guy are water babes..they want to go in there for a swim...Leaving me kinda standing in the surf waves with Nola. Nola is showing a few wrinkles, but a skinny woman. Not many women her age can wear a bikini. She kept close, and we ended up in a big hug standing there with the washed by the waves. And some way out, him and Jo were into something out there in the deep water.

It was back on the beach with the towels caught in the wind. That’s when they mentioned the party again. Jo had some panties in her shoulder bag, slipped the dress over and got out of the wet blue gray bikini. It was Nola who lifted her dress to catch a glimpse. Yeah, we have these friends .... having a bit of a party... Ok if we go round there later?

This is where I pause a minute.
If you are new to this thing. Swap partners. And not experienced. You need to remember that nobody lives in a glass bottle. The people you have agreed to become intimate with are real people. Like John and Nola, they not only have grown up kids who are supposed not to know .... they also have friends! And it is maybe due to plenty of sleeping around, they are real popular!

So if you are hosting them. Ok. That is up to you. You have some control over who calls or where you go, or who you choose to tell...or what excuses.

But if you go there like this. And you are the newbies and they are the experienced. Then you must know that their friends are looking out for something. Plus there is a boredom thing. More so in country towns. And seeing a hot couple on a first time is something they want to get into.

So when John starts talking about going round there later to Alison Jones place, maybe we should have said another time. But like I said, Joanna is
a party girl. She likes going out. And the thought of Saturday night home with
John and Nola was like ... what is there to do except sex!

So without thinking, we go fine! Why not!

So the drive back up the hill to their place. Twenty minutes. It’s around four by then... still bright. The ocean down there windswept in the distance.
Nola says no need to go to bed. Just settle here in the lounge room. She says James wants to try a group thing. She walks over to Joanna and starts lifting her dress off. Jo goes oh really??? ‒ She pushes Jo down on the floor as John and me sit there watching......

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