The Comfort of Strangers - This is the 4th part - start below  

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The Comfort of Strangers - This is the 4th part - start below

This is the fourth section of narrative about how we got into this group thing. Involving this couple. You have to read it from the bottom up. I am just getting it down a half hour at a time.

Their place is 3 miles from the town on a back road. Took some finding in the dark. They have a builders yard a bee keeping area and some acres on a hillside overlooking the town. A 1970’s brick house. I finally saw the lights ahead, as it was dark when we arrived.
This was the first meeting since that time at their motel. Plus we were tired.
Jo had fallen asleep in the last hour.

They stood there in the driveway.
Just the usual polite hug and handshake.
Then a meal at the table with candles. They already had wine opened.
We were all dressed normally in casual gear.
John made the same point that I had in mind. He said the whole aim of the
time together was to get comfortable with other and to make it a caring and ongoing relationship. He said most of their friendships lasted.

Nola showed us into the main bedroom with its own bathroom and told us to make ourselves comfortable. She said they would come and join us a bit later.
- Nice idea. Nothing sleazy.
So we showered and slipped into this big bed and held onto each other. Lying there naked under the covers and feeling more like sleep than exotic lovemaking. Then Nola came into the room dressed in a wrap, and came over to me.
“James, come with me, .....I want you tonight!”
She grabbed my arm and drew me out of bed and down some steps to a smaller room on the lower level.
As we walked, she held onto my backsides ....

When you realise my whole aim had been to watch Joanna having sex with a stranger, as well as being there to help her if the going was difficult, this separation was unexpected. But there we were, in different rooms on different levels.
And Nola was fired up. She wanted to make love, and we kept going till I was
exhausted. After a sleep, I woke before dawn and she was ready for more. She was as experienced as anyone I have met. Hands everywhere. And no mention of condoms. I had no idea what was happening with Joanna and John.

With the morning light, Nola slipped out of the room to get coffee. Then another bout of lovemaking. Before, leaving me half asleep, she said it was time for her to go and make the breakfast. Showed me the separate bathroom.

When I got into shorts and a shirt, I found Nola in the kitchen and asked how the others were going. Were they up yet? ‒ This was just on 8.00. She smiled and said leave them, the door’s shut and they’re still sleeping.

Eventually, we heard the sound of the toilet and shower upstairs, and John came down to the sun filled kitchen diner. He smiled, and said “Come on Mrs Cook!....We need the best breakfast of all time!....”

Of course it’s totally different being there and watching, to just hearing about it from Joanna afterwards. But whatever he was on, he had given Joanna a very busy night. When she walked in to the kitchen with wet hair, and with a sheepish smile, I could tell that she and John were not strangers any more! Any part of her that was private before, was now familiar to him.
We breakfasted on our mutual surrender and wondered how the long Saturday would pan out!

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