Fridays night...sweat and bass  

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8/14/2005 11:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fridays night...sweat and bass

Theres nothing sexier then just getting hot, sweaty and sexy in a club with a beautiful women. Especially a fiery latina who loves how I move...

We started with some drinks, chilling with my friends, bringing together different cliques and grooves of people, then off to the gay bar. The most crowded gay bar on friday night, its always a good time. Im not even bi-curious, but I like the energy of gay / lesbian bars. Much more chill and relaxed, thoughs sometimes butch lesbians hate that their women look at me..

I told her to wear a little skirt, she knew why. We ground and grinded and had some hot physical arousal on the dance floor, then some playing around on the love-sacs...getting eachother hot and bothered, she was straddling my lap as I carressed her inner thighs. I wanted to handle it on the dance floor...its so crowded, and really people don't give a shit, not on gay night. Even though she's an adventurous latina, I guess that was a bit much, so we dragged ourselves to the ladies bathroom.

What do you think is going on when you see the feet of a well dressed man in jeans, and 4" heels facing the same direction in a stall? Hah. She immediately bent over, lifting her skirt, as I slowly stroked her, around her sensitive spots, getting her bothered, then making her arch her back just a Little bit more...Im only about a foot taller then her...Then I entered her. Slow, long and hard strokes, there was no reason to go nuts in that little cubicle.

It was more hot just doing slow, sensual and aggressive strokes, slowly but surely getting her louder and louder, as the noise of the pounding music and the stragglers of bathroom goers came in and out, she started to clench up, hair covering her face, dripping sweat, we both came.

I love it.

Though I pay for it now, being out and up and going till 5:30am, sleeping till 5pm...time to wake up.


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