Closing time at the SEX BAR  

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8/17/2005 5:13 pm

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Closing time at the SEX BAR

Last night I was closing my Bar and there was this normal looking couple sitting on the padio , my waitress was doing last call and the rest of the customers were slowly moving out . My waitress was finishing up her last duties inside the resturant and I had gone over to her and started helping her out . The couple came up to us and introduced them self and James and Carol . We all started talking and Jame started openly hitting on my waitress . We both were shocked that Carol didint do any thing . Carol then turns to James and askes him for a smoke , he didint have any so I said I have one in my jacket near the back door . I started to walk to the back door of the resturant around the corner and I get the smokes from my jacket and i turn around and carol is standing infrount of me . She took the smoke from my packet and droped it on the floor , she looked at me and said ooops she slowly went to her knees and picked up the smoke and put it in her ear . she gently unzipped my fly and pulled out my long hard dark cock she grabbed it with her hand and slowly jerked it hard . I some how said what about ur husband and she said he is an ass and this is how i get back at him and with that she slid my cock half way into her mouth and started sucking and licking my cock like a mad slutt , she had a rythem like no other going up and down and up and down till I blew my load deep into her mouth . Just then her husband called out Carol were leaving she quickly zipped up my fly stood up and lit her ciggaret and yelled im cumming and she left .

Man What a Closing Night

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