Jaded_Angel4c 32F
10 posts
3/9/2006 5:48 pm

There were times that you said you loved me
But where was the proof of such
Day after day I looked for you
Until eternity I longed for you
But you never heard my cries
A word, caress, a kiss was all I asked
Only to have you turn your back

When you said that you loved me
Was it all just a lie
A farce to undress my soul
Were you trying to get in my head
Show me, prove me wrong and yourself right
That's all I ever needed
But you were always so cold

How many times will I look for you
Your shadow haunting my dreams
How long will I desire you
My body thirsting for your touch
How long will I love you
My heart torn asunder

All because you said you loved me

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