Recurring Fantasy  

Jaded1905 38F
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8/17/2005 5:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Recurring Fantasy

I'm sleeping nude in 4 poster bed and wake up to find myself blindfolded and tied to bed posts with just enough slack to get onto hands and knees. I struggle against the bindings then smell colonge and sense someone watching me. I'm suddenly wet against my will and then you're stroking my hair and back murmuring in my ear, I can't understand the words but I relax, I know you're not going to hurt me. You're kissing, licking and sucking me all over but won't touch me there, I'm getting so hot the tensions killing me, I need release, I arch my back all the while begging you to give me what I want, what I need, but you refuse, you say I'm not ready. You grab hold of my hair and pull my head back then your hand hits my ass lightly at first and then harder with each smack I come hard but can't collapse because you're still holding my hair and your other arm is wrapped around my waist, you whisper in my ear "I told you you weren't ready yet". I can feel your hard-on pressing into the back of my thigh, then I feel something cold and wet sliding down my ass crack and then the pressure oh god it hurts but you keeps going so slowly it feels like eternity then I'm begging for it, I push back wanting it in me but you anticipate me and I don't accomplish anything but elict a deep chuckle from you. I tense up, I can't believe you're laughing at me and I hear you "Relax baby, I'm trying very hard not to hurt you, your tight little virgin ass can't take me yet I'm trying to get you ready". Then I'm yelling at you "what do you mean your getting me ready what the f*** are you putting in there you f***ing pervert!" At that your control slips and you shove the buttplug the rest of the way in my ass, at my sharp intake of breath you regain control and apologize for hurting me. You notice me squirming trying to get used to the feeling and tell me to calm down and relax it has to stay in there so it doesn't hurt so much when you finally f**k me there. Now you're licking my clit and fingering me and I'm grinding on your face I want your cock in me so bad and you still won't give it to me. You slip a tiny vibrator inside me and somehow get it right against my G-spot all the while you're licking and sucking my clit and everytime I think I can't take anymore you turn up the vibrator. I'm spinning higher and higher and finally I explode, I'm shaking all over I can hardly hold myself up and you're right there drinking up every drop like a dying man getting your last drink of water. You're moving around I can feel the bed shifting then you're in front of me helping to hold me up and I feel your cock against my face and turn toward it, as I take it in my mouth you groan, you reach back to hold my hair out of the way while I suck you off. My lips are stretched tight and my jaw is killing me - you're huge, suddenly as if you're reading my thoughts you push down on the back of my head and force me to take the whole thing in my mouth. I gag as your cock presses on the back of my throat and then I'm able to relax and deep throat you but only for a minute because suddenly you're cussing and pulling my head up. At first I think I've done something wrong and then you kiss me hard and I can feel your need. I feel you move back behind me "I'm sorry honey I wasn't going to do this yet but you're just too much" with that you impale me on your dick, my soaking wet pussy straining to take all of you. You drive me to my next orgasim quickly and then slow down you seem determined to keep yourself in check. Somehow without me being aware of it you've untied my restraints, and we're changing positions with every orgasim. When you finally let go you come all over me and we collapse, a tangle of arms and legs. You leave while I'm sleeping without me ever having seen you.

needalotoflics 42M
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11/28/2005 12:17 pm

WOW reading your blog really got me excited especialy since Im still at work if only I was inthe Folsom area I setup a meeting with you and see if we could make some Fantasies become reality

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