Dirty Girl  

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8/17/2005 5:58 pm

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Dirty Girl

You've invited me to dinner at your house, I can't believe after telling you my deepest darkest fantasies and what you did to me before I'm finally going to see your face. I took my time getting ready checking every detail before I left the house. My legs and pussy still smooth as silk from my latest wax. check. The black, strapless asymetrical dress hugging every curve perfectly with no bra or panty lines to ruin the look... or interfere with wandering hands. check. No chips in the cherry red manicure or pedicure I treated myself to. check. I check my hair and make up one last time before I ring the bell. As I stand waiting for you to answer the door, a light breeze catches my dress and pulls the fabric between my legs, just that light carress from the silk has me wet... damn, I knew I should've brought my vib into the shower with me. Just then you answer the door, at least, please God let it be you, my every fantasy of tall, dark and handsome has just materialized before me, and you're rock hard already... it's going to be a very long night. As you pull me inside I notice for the first time another man standing in the entry, he too is tall and handsome but has blond hair and green eyes and doesn't have quite the sexual presence of the man who answered the door. You lead me over to the other man "I'd like you to meet my best friend Jake, he'll be joining us tonight". My heart leaps into my throat, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, joining us for WHAT?! Just dinner, I'm sure it's just dinner. but I can feel my clit tighten with the thought of him joining us for something else. Dinner passes uneventfully, Jake clears the table and you lead me into the living room where there's a huge fireplace with a roaring fire and a beautiful clock on the mantle, it reads 9:00PM. In front of the fire on the floor there are pillows surrounded by four weights with leather cuffs attached to each one. As I stand pondering the seen you come up behind me and put an arm around my waist, I can feel your huge cock pressing against my ass and instintivly I start rubbing against it. You lean down and and speak quietly into my ear "I know what you want and tonight I'll give it to you, that's why Jake's here, but if you don't think you're ready just say no and he'll leave. Keep in mind though I won't ask again, next time you'll have to beg for it". How could I possibly say no? When I realized while you were talking to me why Jake was here I got so wet I'm almost embarrassed. I can't bring myself to say it so I just nod, you turn me around to face you and lift my chin with one curled finger "you have to say it baby, you have to tell me what you want."
"I want you both to f**k me."
Then you kiss me so hard and deep I think my legs will give out. When you stop we're standing in the middle of the pillows and I'm naked. "Jake is going to watch for a little while first, and you need to listen to him like you would listen to me, understand?"
"Yes, but.."
"No, do you understand?"
At this point Jake walks in the room and you exchange a slight nod. Jake sits on the couch facing the fireplace and therefore us, meanwhile you have relived yourself of your clothing. I stand there a minute chewing slightly on my lower lip, unsure of what I'm supposed to do next. The next voice I hear is Jakes, "Get on your knees." I obey. "Suck his dick." Again, I obey. I can't believe I forgot how big your cock really is, once again my lips are streched tight as you f**k my mouth. Everytime I forget to relax my throat I gag, but I keep going. By now my pussy is aching for release and I move the hand that I was bracing against your thigh to between my own legs where I start rubbing my clit. Your hand curls in my hair and you're forcing me to take all of you in my mouth, just when I'm about to get my first orgasim of the night with your dick down my throat and my own finger in my pussy Jake speaks, "that's enough. it's time". I look up to see Jake's impressive erection, I realize I'm staring but I can't help it, I haven't seen 2 dicks this impressive in my whole life and now they're both going to be f***ing me. Jake laughs, "You like what you see 'blue eyes'? Don't worry you'll have a taste of it soon enough." I avert my eyes then and can feel the blush rise to pinken my cheeks. Now I'm on my hands and knees both of you securing the cuffs to my ankles and wrists. Jake kneels in front of me and I take him in my mouth. You're behind me licking my clit and fingering my pussy, I'm grinding into your hand wanting more, I want your dick driving into me. But still you torture me, now your thumb rubbing my clit while you place wet kisses all over my ass. My jaw is aching from sucking dick and my pussy hurts from wanting it, I get impatient. I lift my mouth from Jake's cock and turn to look over my shoulder at you, "Would you just f**k me already?!!!!!"
You smile smuggly, "Say please."
"Please, please f**k me NOW!"
"All you had to do was ask."
With that Jake slides under me, my arms are barely long enough to keep me up over his thick chest. You're priming my asshole with your fingers and a healthy dose of lube. Jake grabs my hips as he drives into me with one long thrust and I'm rocked by a powerful orgasim. Jake helps hold my weight as my arms threaten to give out on me. Then there's nothing but intense pressure on my ass. I feel like I'm being ripped in two and I struggle to catch my breath. Jake's whispering to me as he kisses my face and breasts "It's okay 'blue eyes' I know he's big but you can take it honey." I try to focus on Jake's mouth alternately sucking on my breasts and grabbing my nipples between his teeth, but I'm riding that very fine line between pleasure and pain and my body can't seem to make up it's mind about which way it's going to go. Just when I think I'm not going to be able to take it Jake brings my mouth down hard on his and kisses me deeply, at the same moment that you bury your cock in my ass. The white hot pain sears through my body in an instant and I scream. I hear you, "I'm sorry baby, I know it hurts, just give it a minute for your body to adjust." You both start moving slowly, so slowly and as quickly as it came the pain passes replaced instantly with a pleasure just as intense. Soon I'm begging you both to f**k me harder, harder. Somehow you keep your rhythm perfectly matched as you take me over the peak time and again. I lose track of how many O's I have and as I reach that last peak you climax with me, all 3 of us spiraling down together. I glance at the clock as I lay there exhausted between 2 men both holes still filled, it's 2:00AM.

MVGirl1 49F
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8/17/2005 9:49 pm

OMGF! That was so hot! That is my ultimate fantasy. Reading this made me so wet and so close to cumming. I want to read more!

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8/17/2005 10:49 pm

I won't say we have a lot in common but I think you'll like some of my stories. No they aren't fantasies, they are real life experiences. Maybe we can compare notes?

needalotoflics 42M
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11/28/2005 12:22 pm

YOUR Fantasies are veary hot and sexy have you ever considered being with a man and a woman Because if your ever in the Fresno area I would love for you to join my friend and I for a real good time

needalotoflics 42M
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12/12/2005 2:18 pm

This past weekend was the shit My neighbor from 2 houses over Finaly gave in my seduction see shes about 34 one kid lives by herself her ex a DUMBASS loser didnt know how to keep this FINE ass happy 3 months ago her car was in the process of being stolen and I was coming home (WE LIVE IN A GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD THIS NEVER HAPPENS HEAR)as I was sayn I passed by her house and theres a guy standing tring not to look guilty with glass all over the floor by her car ITS late about 12:30 at night and her house has a street light next to it so you can see its pertty much everthing so I pertend not to notice and keep driven by I grab my C phone and dial 911 and tell them to get to the adress at so&so and to hurry a car is being stolen and that some is hurt TO GET P.D. moving faster but I dont hang up the PHONE The guy is still tring to start the car when I come from around the block STOPPED in front of the car and the guy paniced darts out of the car runs and Im after him TALKING to the cops telling them that someones going to be hurt I put my phone on my belt clip stillon and TACKELED the guy HE tried to fight but go PUNCHED out cold 5 minutes later police arrive MY FINE ASS neighbor hugging me and thanking me so this brings back to the begining its saturday and SHE calls asks if I can come and help her with some stuff SHURE I noticed that her little girl wasnt home and I asked she was at her grandperents house for the weekend so I didnt waste time started flirting and making her laugh and just having a good time we talked and flirted somemore she then asked if I wanted a drink why not I said Its friday night and Im relaxin she pulled out some beers and we got cozzy we where in her backyard and It started geting cold and she invited me inside so we moved our fiesta inside to her livingroom (NICE BIG COUCH) lots of room she then excused herself and disapeared into her room for awhile I was busy drinking my beer when she came back I didnt see that she was wrapped up in a cover she sat down next to me and when she opened the cover she was in her BIRTHDAY SUIT veary fine one at that I didnt waste any time and well Ill leave that between my neighbor and I

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