Does this really work?  

JadeLondon 48M/30F
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4/5/2006 6:29 pm

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3/22/2007 9:53 am

Does this really work?

How many of you have had successful hook-ups on AdultFriendFinder?
I have hook-ups every weekend, and they are great!
I've had a few, and some were awesome!
I've had a few, but they were disappointments
I haven't had any, but I get lots of offers!
I haven't had any, but I will soon!
I just browse, I don't intend to actually meet anyone
WTF? I've been trying, and I can't make it happen!

rm_rufus1611 75M
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6/14/2006 5:14 am

Haaver met a few ladies here who love mustache rides and muff diving, my specialty.
I'm older and between maturity and medications am not the stud muffin I used to be.
But I can still give lots of strong, tantalizing, orgqasms with my touch, tongue and a selection of plain and powered toys.
There just doesn't seem tyo be a lot of ladies who are willing to test ride my face.

pus_c_4u2lick 45M/45F
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6/5/2007 8:25 pm

Met one couple...they were cool, but not for us.....but it was a decent meeting, and we had a fun time getting to NOT know each other better....oh, what's next?

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