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6/1/2005 2:56 pm

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The Artist

Occupation: University Professor
Age: 48
Overall experience: Gorgeous
Martial Status: Married
Reason for our encounter: Marriage is missing something
Sequel?: Since I'm leaving, probably not, but would be open to exploring him further, he was creative, interesting, and sensual. Definite lover material


I just had the artist. Actually, I just had a nap after the artist left. I didn't think we'd actually get to "meet" before I left for good, but we did. Today. For lunch.

We sat across the table from each other sizing one another up. It was very interesting. I could tell he wanted me from the moment I entered the restaurant and I enjoyed that. His hunger was very apparent and I wanted to feed him. I brought him back to where I'm staying and told him to enjoy me.

I didn't orgasm, but I did enjoy the oral he gave.

I'm beginning to wonder why I can't orgasm. I don't think it's the skill of my partners, I think it's me. Even if I don't orgasm, if the sex is wild and passionate and exciting, I walk away satisfied. If I know he or she is trying to please me and wants to treat me right, I'm good.

I'm always weary of guys (that have never been with me) who guarantee that they can make me orgasm because they never do and then they feel inadequate and I'm usually disappointed.

I think I mostly just want to learn about myself. I want a tougue to glide over and plunge into me and I get there. I want to know how submit to my partner and let him guide and teach me. The type of person I am...intimacy alone satisfies me.

I enjoyed the artist because although he came before I was ready for it to end, he tried really hard not to and he didn't rush to the finish line.

For the record, I've never been with a married man before and don't plan to again. I made the exception this time because my correspondance with this man was so intriguing. It wasn't a "let's fuck" kind of thing, even though I know that's what we both wanted from the beginning, it was subtle, provocative and fun.

I am in this place where I just want to learn. I've had some partners, but I don't feel experienced. That is why I'm looking for "friends". One night stands and quick meaningless fucks are fine and have their place, but you don't get to try new and different things with the same partner or get to know him or her.

Going to "hook up" with a couple of friends (hopefully) this evening. I am tired, but it should be fun.

Also, I like it when a guy mentions the condom before I do. Going without one is great in romance novels and movies, but that's just not realistic in this day and age. I'm not interested in fucking without one.

To the artist: I enjoyed you and will not quickly forget you. It was a gorgeous way to spend a lunchtime. There was a moment when you put your hands around my neck and applied a bit of pressure as if you were about to squeeze, there was something in that moment that turned me on so immensely. I plan to explore that further, maybe we'll get the chance to together.

NightOfPassion2 58M

6/1/2005 4:16 pm

Hoping you find what your looking for..and no a guy cannot guarantee way (though we try wife is happy to get a couple a month...she has to really try...and concentrate).
I joined this site to meet others.....and learn.


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