Right back to the start ... again  

Jacks_Wild_Times 38M
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8/6/2006 2:24 pm
Right back to the start ... again

So, the quick Coles Notes:

Her and I started seeing each other, but with no solid committments. I said I didn't feel like getting hurt again, and moreover, was starting to look into a different philosophy to live by: Polyamory. She said that she wanted me and would wait until I made a decision on us, and said that though she wouldn't be able to date me if I was polyamorous (because she doesn't like sharing), that I should at least explore that fully to see if it is right for me.

After a few long sleepness nights, I decided that, though I did love her (still do, to be honest), I had to see if I was polyamorous (granted, damned if I know how to test that theory). This apparently pissed her off to no end, and now she feels I've lied to her somehow about my feelings or intentions (even though I felt I was pretty transparent about the whole thing).

Now, she's back. But apparently she's only interested in a booty call. If that isn't a glowing review of my skills in the bedroom, I don't know what is. However, not my point (or my problem...)

If this were ANYONE else, I would probably be jumping at the chance. But with her this just seems like a really, really. REALLY bad idea.

And though I'm going to try to avoid this and stay strong, I hate the fact that I'm actually considering it.

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