A Story (Pt. 4) - Wherein Fun Is Had By All  

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8/27/2005 1:53 pm

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A Story (Pt. 4) - Wherein Fun Is Had By All

"Hmmm, I'll say. Well, let's see what we can do about that," She said, pulling me to my feet and cradling my cock in her hand. She stroked me and I began to get hard again. Then she stood up, my cock in hand, and led me across the hotel room to the sitting area. Letting me go, Barbara leaned over the arm of the little love seat, pointing her ass at me and wiggling it, looked at me, mischieviously, over her shoulder, "What are you waiting for?"

I looked at that heart-shaped little ass - and the cleft between - and knew right then I was the luckiest guy on earth. I rubbed my dick over her slit and she pushed back against me; I slid into her wet pussy like it was made for me and only me.

My god. It was like all the cliches. A warm glove, a wet, soft hand, a haven of warmth. I slid in, balls deep, and held there for moment and Barbara gasped, "Fuck that's good." I held her hips and stroked, giving full length, in slow and even thrusts, occasionally driving in hard, but mostly prolonging the feel of that sweet little pussy around my dick. After a bit of that Barbara pushed against me and asked,"Damn, you're not into tantric shit are you?"

"No, not me."

"Good. Then fuck me, dammit!"

I pulled her up, cradling her sweet little tits and nuzzled her ear. "You wanna go like a porn movie?" She murmered "umm-hmm" and I spun her around by her shoulders, pinning her against the wall.

She had a look of surprise at first, but I plunged into her and began thrusting, pushing her ass into the wall with each stroke. She wrapped one leg around my hips as I drove into her but, when she tired of that, she put her arms around my neck and jumped up, wrapping her other leg around me. I grabbed her ass, cupping those gorgeous little cheeks in my hands, and we bounced against each other for a while, Barbara tossing her head bak with a sly little smile spreading across her face.

After a bit I lowered her to the floor. "I'm sorry, love, but my old back can't take that much longer."

She pressed her palm on my chest, pushing me back. "That's fine, maybe you should lay down." I felt the backs of my calves against the little hotel room coffee table and she kept pushing. I sat, but Barbara pushed again so I lay down, looking up at this beautiful waif of a woman with pure devilment in her eyes. She climbed onto the table, clutched my cock and lowered herself onto me, moaning as I sunk into her pussy.

She held me for a moment and I could feel her muscles squeezing around my dick, and then started to bounce on me. Slowly at first, but gaining speed as her pussy slid up and down my shaft in a delicious and langorous motion. I drank that in as long as I could and then grasped her hips, holding her still as I pumped my hips and drove into her as fast as I could. She arched her back and tossed her hair back, groaning and telling me not to stop. She braced herself against my shoulders and I kept pumping until she dug her fingers in, arched again and moaned again, collapsing on top of me.

I held her as she caught her breath and she said, her lips against my neck, "You didn't cum yet?"

"Mmm, not quite."

Sliding off of me onto her knees she said, "Well then, let's see to that."

Barbara took my cock into her mouth and began another wonderful assault. I wasn't far from climax in the first place, so it wasn't long before my rod was rock hard and ready to burst. Barbara pulled away, layed on the floor and said, "Cum on me, let me feel your cum over me." I kneeled over her and jacked my dick until I came, jets spraying her tits and neck, the first arching over her face and leaving trails in her hair.

Fully spent, I collapsed on top of her and we held each other for awhile on the floor as the Isham CD cycled around again. Eventually, I looked down and chuckled. "Do you realize we both still have socks on?"

"It's for protection," she said. "You don't want to catch a sexually transmiited fungus, do you?"

We laughed and picked ourselves off the floor. At my suggestion we took a long warm shower and carefully towelled each other off. Barbara finished dressing first and, as I buttoning down my shirt, she leaned in, kissed my ear, and said "Nice meeting you." She then turned and sashayed out of the room without another word.

As the locked clicked home, I decided I would have to take over this client from Frank...

UvannaHumpalot 37F

8/28/2005 8:00 am

...love it jack...a nice leisurely evening of sex ...
did i mention that i have a sturdy mahogany desk in my office??....lol
can't wait for part 5...

PauloPandaChugs 50M

9/5/2005 8:32 pm

Hey Jack -

Congrats . . . your accidental success reaffirms my belief in the possibility of getting lucky.

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