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8/6/2005 10:25 pm

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I receive an awful lot of emails. I am not bragging, and know that I am likely not the only woman who DOES receive a lot of emails (given the lopsided ratio of women to men). Nor am I complaining. Many of them are complimentary, some crude and rude, and some downright strange. However, in most of them I am asked many of the same questions over and over again. I do not mind too much, however I thought it would be more efficient to simply address the most frequently asked questions here. So, here they are in random order:

1. “Are those real?” - Okay ... since when did it become polite to ask someone a question such as that? I will not ask YOU as we cam, “Is that as big as it gets?” So please, at the very least, be polite!

2. “Is your hair naturally curly?” - I must admit this ALWAYS throws me for a loop. Are there closet hairstylists out there that I need to know about? Perm-a-phobic men? I will give you the same answer I gave an ex-boss who once snottily asked me, “Do you even own a comb?” I answered, “Give me a break, it grows out of my head this way.” For years I lamented my misfortune, but then an ex-boyfriend put it into perspective for me by saying that my hair looked like I just got out of bed (insert evil grin and waggling eyebrows).

3. “Does your husband REALLY know that you do this?” - Simply put, yes. He signed me up on AdultFriendFinder, helped me write my profile info, and helped me with the pics (insert another evil grin).

But this leads me to another question that usually follows the above:

4. “Are you not getting it enough at home, so that's why you have to cam?” - The simple answer is NO. I get “it” plenty at home (insert satisfied, lip-licking grin); however what I do NOT get is the chance to be an exhibitionist and voyeur at home. I live in an apartment complex filled with young parents who have young children, and I DO try to be somewhat responsible with my sexuality ... most of the time, anyway!

5. “Does your husband sit in the room with you while you cam?” - No, he doesn't. Generally he is either out, asleep, in our bedroom watching TV, and at times he is downstairs in the living room watching only me cam on AdultFriendFinder on the laptop. I can assure you that he has absolutely NO interest in watching men masturbate. He even web cams (with women) himself at times, but at a different website. And neither is he interested in monitoring my chats, or any other dialogues with my AdultFriendFinder (or Yahoo!) men. Most of the time, our web camming experiences are carried into our sex life, and these enhance it oh-so-nicely (insert silly, lascivious grin).

Now the next bit is not technically a question, but it shows up more often than not in quite a large number of emails:

6. “Your a bitch! We have lot in commen and i dont know why you wont ad me.” - First I need to state that the misspellings and poor grammar are accurately represented here. Shocking, huh? Secondly, if I have to explain the whole intricate and complex subject of male/female attraction in sexuality, then you just simply need to go get a clue elsewhere.

7. “Why Miller?” - Now, those of you who have watched me cam on AdultFriendFinder know that I am partial to using a Miller Genuine Draft longneck bottle as a prop (insert drool). The simple answer is that I like the taste of Miller, and the bottle is handy (kinky too).

8. “I don't have a web cam, but can I still watch you?” or another variation, “I don't have a web cam, but can I add you to my Yahoo! Friend's List any way?” - As to the first question, you may obviously watch me cam on AdultFriendFinder all that you want. As to the second version of the question, the answer is NO. Although on very rare occasions (two to be precise) I have allowed for exceptions to this, I will not do so any more ... unless of course you are WAY too hot for me to resist (insert naughty grin and wink).

9. “Why does it take you so long to take your clothes off sometimes when you cam on AdultFriendFinder?” ‒ The answer to this is actually rather uncomplicated: I cam the way I feel that day. So, if I want a quickie then the clothes come off quickly. But when I want nice, slow foreplay, then I take my time stripping down. So sue me.

The following are miscellaneous issues or topics that have frequently arisen, specifically relating to my Network:

i.) “Why did you turn down my Network invite?” ‒ I actually turn down about 99% of all Network invites. I only use my Network for those I am interested in camming with, or have already cammed with. I will invite YOU if you have: sent me an email with a clear face pic, and/or if there are clear face pics on your profile, AND if I am attracted to you … big ‘if’. Although I have been known to stumble upon a profile with face pics and have then either winked or invited the gentleman to my Network. But I have to be pretty darn attracted to your pics and profile.

ii.) “When do I get to see the nasty pics in your private album?” - If you are in my Network, and you have cammed 1-on-1 with me more than one time, then you have full access to my naughty pics. Simple enough.

iii.) “Why did I get dropped from your Network?” - If you have dropped off the face of the planet, and have not even attempted to maintain any sort of contact with me for prolonged periods of time (say, 1 month or longer), then I will drop you like the dead weight you are. Try “winking” occasionally, YIM me a smiley face, or send an email saying that you are still interested... these methods go a very long way with me.

Happy Hunting!

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8/7/2005 7:31 am


Your post shows that I am not the only one who gets this kind of e-mail.

The most frequently asked question for me is, if it is me in on my profile photo, never could understand why people question my profile photo.

ready4anythin71 46M

8/20/2005 10:55 pm

Great FAQ...and some sass. Just wanted to let you know...

Redjeep91 57M

8/26/2005 6:34 pm

I must say, I know you get a kick out of some of the questions. With all the physical manpulation people to do there bodies to impress others, it is sometimes hard for some to believe that things are real! I have watched you on cam and think you are great. You are very beautiful and with all your smiling, I know you have a wonderful personality. I think it is great that you sometimes take your time; it is great for the inticement of the mind and sensual respect that so many don't care to enjoy.
This response is to qcao1: They question it becuase they have not read your profile and there are so many who post fake photos. After reading your profile I could see it was you and would love to meet you. However, Seeing that we do have many things in common and after writting a couple of times without getting a response, I accepted the fact you weren't interested. I do think you are very pretty and I am sure you are a wonderful person. But we all must relize there are some who are attracted and some who are not. Much of the mail that was discussed is from those who sometimes don't want to take no for an answer because it is a let down for their ego.
I look forward to seeing you both on cam or in converstion.

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