Shut Up! I love You!!!  

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10/19/2005 7:16 am

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Shut Up! I love You!!!

I have been told by a few that I am a good writer; but I consider myself more of an artist. There is a difference. The commentaries contained within my blog are the efforts of a writer, they are thought out, scripted, then formed for display. On occasion I also may ‘write’ a poem like the whimsical Hello . But the stuff that I use when I appear on stage to ‘Melt the MIC’ isn’t the effort of a writer. It is inspired by a higher power.

Before you close this posting and go on to the next blog, this is not a discussion about religion, aliens or some mind-boggling “4400” type thing. I am sure that all of the artists on this site can relate to what I am about to say; when that FUNKTIFIED FIRE is born I am in a zone. My body is here amongst us but my mind goes somewhere else. I do not hear TV, radio, my wife, her grandchildren, etc. It is just me and the words. They flow effortlessly through the pen onto the paper as if they were meant to be.

Monday night I was in this ‘zone’ of mine when my wife came into the bedroom. My fingers were buzzing across the keys on the keyboard at top speed. A masterpiece was being born. I had asked her to turn on Martha Stewart (the show where she fires people like Donald Trump). She picked up the remote, started flipping through the channels and quickly became frustrated because she cannot find the show. After a few minutes, she screams at me expressing in no uncertain terms that she was unable to complete what I thought was such a simple task. Poof! The flow abruptly ended. Upset at this needless interruption I snatched the remote pushed the menu button found CNBC and viola! Martha Stewart. We then argued for a few moments where I tried to get her to understand that what she had interrupted was not something that I could just go back to.

I hope that next time I won’t have to say; “Shut Up!” “I love you...”

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