Scenario # 5  

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11/12/2005 7:05 am

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Scenario # 5

A friend from here, who I have been talking to, recently asked me that “what if” question. I thought about that question for about 1/2 a day then came up with 6 possible scenarios for what could happen. I willl randomly share these in the upcoming issues of my blog. Here is scenario # 5.

5. We meet, hug, exchange kisses and based upon the carnal energy created prior to our meeting and exchanged within that initial physical interaction we immediately seek refuge for sexual exploration and both enjoy this interaction immensely. After this initial interaction, we engage in a protracted relationship centered around sexual gratification.

In away this is more dangerous than #'s 1&2. We cannot allow for the physical enjoyment shared within our company to affect the physical interaction with our spouses. This applies; but is not limited to, things such as frequency of sexual interaction with our spouses, non-sexual physical contact with our spouses (kisses, hugs, etc.), introducing too many new tricks to the bedroom at home, complaints about our spouses technique, saying the wrong name at an inappropriate time. If the symptoms of any of this type behavior were to arise then again, we would be required to cease our interactions.

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