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9/13/2005 3:34 pm

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Hey Everybody,

My random thought for today is about, 'Screen Names'. I know; "What a topic for somebody with a screen name like mine to be raising." I could offer a good defense for mine but I'm not here to defend or criticize; just to ponder.

In that this is a 'sex site' it is not too entirely shocking that some (most) of the screen names hold an overt sexual overtone. But, how do you react to them. Some have made me laugh... literally, laugh out loud. I have found others completely disgusting. Still others have made me click on the "add to hot list" link and in some cases even the link to their profile without hesitation.

Do certain screen names attract you to other people’s profiles? And, if so, what attracts you to a screen name? For me, when I browse other people’s profiles, I take in age, pic (if available), location, and the #of stars on the compatibility chart all together. But an enticing screen name will at least catch my eye.

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