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10/17/2005 8:08 am

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As many of you who watch my blog on a regular basis know, i have recently started a poets group here on AdultFriendFinder called Melt the MIC Mondays . As the moderator one of the things that I would like to do to distinguish this group from others is to interact with all of the members and actively encourage participation. In its first week 5 members joined me in this effort. I would like to welcome each of these new members and encourage others to join us. It's gonna be hot!!!!

I’d like to take the time to say to all hello
A personal salutation with a hip hop flow
Sunrise shine bright ( [blog sunrisegirl1983] )
Go ahead melt the mic
Pussnboots on the scene ( pussnboots694 )
With a flow that’s mean
Titibiti in a big way
Cain’t wait to hear what you say
We all need love DrtyGrls
So go ahead and rock my world
And last but not least we got a Goddess in the spot ( GoddessOfTheDawn )
She was gone quit postin’ but I begged her to keep it hot
And I am your host J...S...N...G
And every week I’ll bust a rhyme to welcome everybody

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