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I know that for those of you who read my first posting Is it worth it , or HELP!!!! ; this will be a great departure from my usual emotional rants. This is actually my submission to my new group Melt the MIC Mondays . It is inspired by someone who I met here on AdultFriendFinder and have really developed a fondness for through our emails, IM’s, and telephone conversations. She is a writer also, one of the many things that just gets me hot for her. This weekend, during on of our conversations, I asked her to describe to me how she would ‘script’ our first face to face meeting. I was very insistent that she use the tools of a writer. I sat quietly and absorbed her words. Wow!!! After she had shared her vision, I expressed my surprise. To say that this was an awkward moment is an understatement. Okay, she was down right embarrassed. Our conversations have for the most part been anything but sexual. We had one that was PG-13; but, our social and mental, has really been the focus of our interaction. Not to say that my mind hasn’t played out the steamiest love scenes known to man, its just that I have been very patient and followed her lead. I did my best to reassure her that my feelings are definitely the same as our dialogue quickly reverted to the comforts that we had both found in the past. But, now it’s out there. My mind dwelled on our impending intimacy, my failure to express to her prior to this weekend that she had lit a fire in my loins. Then it hit me while I was taking a shower. DAMN!!! With my towel wrapped around my waist I ran into the bedroom, grabbed my book and busied myself searching for my “writer’s pen”. My wife had used it earlier to jot down a phone message and failed to return it. She knows how I am when struck by a burst of creativity and, was very helpful in locating this special writing instrument. So without further ado I present my most recent creation inspired by M.A. (you know who you are).


Yes, it is nice to meet you too
Well I have been here a time or two
What did you say?
Oh, my name is Ojekeme
My gaze was of interest to you that’s good to know
You thought I was staring, naw baby that aint so
I was just wondering if you would notice me today
This is not the first time that I’ve thrown a glance your way
Se I’ve watch you from afar for some time
And I’ve conjured up all kinds of images of us in my mind
Baby all the freaky things I’d do
If you would allow me just one night with you
Yes, I know I have some hella nerve
But you would too if you was checkin' them curves
It’s just like damn baby you know what you got
You’re like a Hot 97 summer jam, like nuclear hot
Shit, baby I’ve made love to you so many times in my mind I’m surprised you can walk straight
But don’t get offended boo, I’m just asking for a date
I’m just being honest after all, cuz’ you stepped to me, right?
Yeah I’ve got an animal nature but I aint talking bout tonight
I’m just keeping it real I aint shimmy, shake or dance
You know like I do all these cats wanna get in yo’ pants
I aint trying to be hard with this most awkward of starts
But I wanna know your mind as well as yo’ southern parts
This is my flava like it or leave it
But aint none other gone be truer you best believe it

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10/18/2005 5:41 am

I love it! Now that's keepin it real in a very respectful way. Im glad that I inspired such a beautiful poem.

angel001004 34F
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10/18/2005 5:44 am

I love it! Now that's keepin it real in a very respectful way. Im glad that I inspired such a beautiful poem. You made me blush so hard when i read it.

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