I are I  

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10/14/2005 2:48 am

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I are I

I are I

I are I
I can Only be I
I am the Servent

I the servent
King of None
-(King of Nun)-t
Jion is a new name yet un-heard
Hi-Desert the wilderness of desert
In land of A.....
A fearsome place this is and a gate of
The true God remains hidden there
Jehovahs Sancturay it may be, but
Who dares declare it to He who is
Maker and owner of all

Jacob's God be Blessed
for even all-mighty God you have proved to be
For there is no other god at all besides
The most high Jehovah

God of the Heavan's and the Earth
You Are
Fearsome and mighty is Jehovah God
A God of rightousness and Justice
Is He
Great in loving Kindness
and with-out limit are the wonderous Workings
of the Lord All-Mighty

Who in all creation is there like you.....
I say not a one can compare to your Splender.

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